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Kind Words vs Trash Talk

Dear Internet Users,

I’m writing this letter today to show you an example of the good things you can do. So often, you choose to lurk in the dark corners of this place and choose to strike out at unsuspecting victims, like a playful cat with their claws out. 686 more words


The Bully Mistress

I think I have been blooded as a teacher, if such a thing is possible. Metaphorically speaking, of course, though I would’t have minded spilling some blood. 468 more words


Meme Fails

Memes are images pulled from the Internet or uploaded from a person’s storage device, with funny text added, and then shared across the World Wide Web. 696 more words


DHB Reports on CyberBullying

I don’t care cyber bullies
Way easier than not-cyber bullies…

Please see all tweets relating to

He makes many fanatical claims on… 56 more words

Ode To The Nude Leak: 6 Reasons to Take Up Figure Drawing Instead

Thinking about sharing that skin-selfie with a significant other? Consider just a few teensy points before you hit send.

1. Laws. First things first: if you’re under 18, sending and receiving nude images of yourself or other under 18-types (whether you know and love them or not) … 556 more words


Open Letter To Bullies, The Bullied & The Bystanders

I saw this video on my Facebook timeline today and it completely wrecked me.

What Daniel Briggs, and his family, have gone through is almost too much to bear. 724 more words


Please Return To Your Glass House

I’ve missed all of you, ok not true. How about, I’ve missed all but three of you ! Sooooo, to those three followers of mine that are filled with hate and contempt, please return to your glass houses.  1,203 more words

Traumatic Experiences