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Tanner Reviews Unfriended

Ass… This movie is absolutely pure ass. I don’t get it. I really do not get it. How is this movie receiving favorable reviews? This movie is terrible! 1,032 more words


We Will NO Longer Tolerate! Say No to Cyber-Bullying, the Older Brother of the Female Actress Who Committed Suicide Hoped that His Younger Sister’s Death Can Bring About More Awareness of Cyber-Bullying in the World Today

The “aftermath” of the bullying suicide of the actress, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The actress, Yo-Ying Yang (originally Hsin-Yi Peng), was suspected to have commit suicide because of cyberbullying, her older brother, Peng yesterday apologized for the bad example she’d set for the world, but hoped that his younger sister’s death can bring about more awareness of the seriousness of verbal bullying, and he is going to set up the “Anti-Anonymous Bullying” activities on Facebook. 631 more words


Last Year, France Had Passed an Amendment that Severely Punishes All Cases of Cyber-Bullying

Laws set up against cyberbullying, is it going to work???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Cyberbullying had become, a global phenomenon now.  The European Union is the forerunner to said NO to cyberbullying.  310 more words

Real Stories From All Around

“Silent Bystanders, the Accomplices of Online Bullies”

Let’s see how the BYSTANDER effect works online, shall we???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The events leading up to the actress, Yo-Ying Yang’s death had sparked the public’s interests on the ethics of online interactions.   601 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Four Major Social Networks are Also, the Hotspot of Bullying

The DOWN SIDE of INTERNET here, from the Front Page Sections, in light of the actress’s suicide, translated…

The twenty-four year-old actress committed suicide because she was being bullied online, and at her workplace, it’d shed light on how cyberbullying is no longer limited in the schools anymore, that there’s NO age, gender, or status discrimination of those victims of cyberbullying. 491 more words


Durkheim's Egoistic Suicide

Durkheim’s theory is formulated by four types of suicide (Egoistic, Altruistic, Anomic, and Fatalistic) that are described by the levels of social integration and social regulation a person experiences. 178 more words

Youtube fitness star declares 'Finally got my perfect body,' shocks fans with photo & video

LOS ANGELES, California — Cassie Ho’s fitness videos on Youtube have a huge following.

But like most public personalities with a vibrant online persona she gets wildly personal and often inappropriate comments on a daily basis. 709 more words