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First the Flash Now Supergirl!?!?

So we hear Super-girl was leaked and we start to think…”hmmm how do these pirates get them?” well I do at least. However an interesting theory came up. 418 more words


Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman On Almost Passing On 'Jane The Virgin', Pace, Title Change & How Will It End

Last May, the CW introduced a new dramedy from showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman: Jane the Virgin—an adaptation of the Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen… 1,765 more words


Why You Should Watch iZombie

iZombie appears to be the best show on television no one seems to be watching.

Easily CW’s and TV’s most underrated show, iZombie seems to be taking the backseat while shows like… 658 more words

The Flash Season 1 Finale

Damn, those feels. The inaugural season of The Flash has reached a conclusion, and quite a satisfying conclusion. Before I go any further, SPOILER ALERT. 528 more words


I Bet Future Barry Allen was a Tool (The Flash S1 Finale)

Contains spoilers through the S1 finale of the CW’s The Flash

Just a note, if a future version of myself who had previously let my mom die told me to let my mom die AGAIN because he just said so, I would be pretty sure my future self was a douche. 451 more words


The Flash: Season finale Reviewed!!

*Spoilers *

I think I just dropped my jaw and it went in that blackhole. Wow!! It is quite unbelievable, how good the season 1 of  1,438 more words


The Flash - Review

If there was ever a series that any person should watch it would be The Flash. Hands down by far one of the best ever. The story begins with Barry Allen, now a forensic scientist who lives with his detective step dad who took him in when his dad was accused of killing his mom. 348 more words