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Harry and Ting get hitched!

The marriage of my much-loved little big brother to his beautiful fiancée has been highly anticipated and long awaited (they got engaged the week before us!). 2,752 more words


Surname - To change or not to change?

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In societies across the world, the practice has always been for women to take their husband’s surname after marriage. As per the so called tradition which all of us have been accustomed to, women get rid of their family (father’s) surname as soon as they get married.  344 more words

My Thots And Scribbles

World-Building 101: Inhabitants (Bonus Writing Weekend #7)

Terribly sorry that this post didn’t go up yesterday. I literally had no downtime to write it, so here it is one day late:

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Who has better manners? Blogger lists three things foreigners do that impress even the Japanese

One of the first things you notice when you visit Japan is how nice and polite everyone seems to be. Shop staff bow to you, people greet you in the hotel lobby, even the guy at the combini sprints across the store to open up the second register when there’s more than one person waiting to be served. 942 more words


EU Customs alert: 1st sale rule in danger

As May 2016, the effective date for the EU’s Union Customs Code, approaches several questions remain.  One significant question is whether the  long-recognized “first sale” rule will be transformed into.. 171 more words

Transfer Pricing

What Travelers Can Bring Along

It’s a problem everyone has been confronted to at least once in their life when packing: “Am I allowed to bring this with me ?” “How many pairs of shoes can I buy abroad ?” “Will I go to jail if I have a toothpick in my suitcase ?” 290 more words