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Condescending Customs

I wished I wasn’t so sensitive sometimes. I usually go with the flow, make jokes,  laugh at myself and in general remain unaffected by peoples negative actions. 524 more words


The Paradox of Our Time (Part 5)

“He’s fine. Crashed on the couch-”

A long pause echoed. I heard the clone mutter something and my friend curse.

“You just lied to me! You have been working for her for some time!” 710 more words

Liner Notes

We Arrived!

March 1, 2015

I’m writing Sunday’s post late because we’ve been so busy and I’m still so exhausted from the travel and time change that my energy is low once I get home at night (after 9pm both Monday and Tuesday). 611 more words



This information is intended for use with the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

At a Glance

Peacebonding is a “custom” in Cormyr of tying a weapon into its sheath with a… 80 more words


I've been Bobbed!

Once in awhile the universe surprises you with something so wonderful, there are no words for it. Then again, I make my living with words so I’m going to find them. 953 more words


That Awkward Confession

I realized it only when the truth got me
That I should forget you when you already forgot me
That you was there with me for sure… 68 more words


No Need To Offend

At times it is best to comply with the ways of the land in which we live, even when we disagree with its customary routine.  … 333 more words

Spiritually Speaking