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What People Say and What They Actually Do

“Oh yeah I’ll totally go to that event with you!”

“I’m going to go to the gym 4 times a week starting January 1st!”

“Yeah sure, I’ll read that book when I get back home!” 292 more words

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Google Analytics and User Experience

Google Analytics as a tool is known for many good things – it has  many cool features, tracks websites, mobile app , can also describe audience, traffic source etc etc, but one  area  where  it really fails its  users is its usability. 354 more words

Google Analytics

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Persuasive Design

A Discussion

Persuasive design, is not an art – although it might ultimately produce something artistic it is very much about science – in particular the science of humans. 449 more words

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Innovate through better customer research

Or how to do it the ‘right’ way to support better product and service development; some may call this innovation … (which by the way is a term used mostly by industry laggards to send a message to their stakeholders: look we have an innovation function and have even appointed a Chief Innovation Officer – go and talk about innovation in Silicon Valley, people will probably laugh at you). 511 more words

Non Classé

A science experiment for the BC Graduate Tech Club (and my wallet)

I’ve been an Uber driver for about a month now. I’ve logged a total of 7.5 hours on the road, chauffeuring people around Boston and the burbs. 765 more words


How do you Collect Customer Needs?

Experience, customer research, user experience, empathic design, human factors, and intuition.

Above, I have listed six key tactics that I commonly use whilst designing software and service offerings. 255 more words

Concept Phase

Most Americans Support Government Action on Climate Change.

The poll found that 83% of Americans, including 61% of Republicans and 86% of independents, say that if nothing is done to reduce emissions, global warming will be a very or somewhat serious problem in the future. 387 more words