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Do You Know Someone Who Suffers Spatial Disorientation?

  Some common questions in the storage world: “How much is the smallest space?” 5’x5’ … “Can I fit stuff from a 3 bedroom apartment in the smallest one?” Not unless your apartment is a doll house. 572 more words


On the Basics: Don’t Burn Those Bridges!

Don’t Burn Those Bridges!

by Ruth E. Thaler-Carter

I’m a firm believer in “What goes around comes around,” in both personal and professional circumstances. The other day, I got a message from a colleague who had just heard from a former client with an urgent request to proofread something that had to go to the printer in two days. 1,274 more words

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Your 6 Year Old Is More Tech Savvy Than You Are

According to recent research (and didn’t we already know anyway), your average 6 year old is more tech savvy than your average 45 year old. I know, even in my late 20’s, I already felt handicapped next to younger kids who are learning more and more about computers now right off the bat. 315 more words

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How Not To Get a Job…in my world

Wow! I feel like I’ve been away for eons yet, it has only been a week. I have been busy my friends.

As many of you know, my former assistant, Brittany, moved on to a new position with the company. 619 more words


customer experience rant

I shop with Ocado…online of course, because they are an online supermarket. I am happy in almost every respect with their products and service ‘except’…. When I go to pay for my groceries the security verification page won’t load. 1,124 more words

No One Should Be Irreplaceable…

  It’s a nice, quiet, cool and drizzly Saturday.  A day of coffee and catch-up blog reading.  The satellite radio station seems to know what kind of day it is and the music is appropriate. 395 more words

How to nail the responsibilities of a Brand Manager

The field of brand management can be overwhelming at times, with so many aspects to think about and take care of. It becomes very easy to lose the sense of direction, or even understand where to start. 819 more words