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Capitalism FAQ: Should You Respect or Abuse Your Customers?

No one likes to see a winner kicking the loser on the ground (unless we really, really hate the loser). We accept within our society that there are differences between people: that some will be more powerful or wealthy than others, and that’s just part of life. 675 more words

Telecel's problem isn't a licence or shareholders, it's communication

A popular Sunday newspaper carries a story quoting your industry minister making a statement that affects your company, you do not sip more tea. You lead. 319 more words


From Bad to Worse

Update 1:  172 hours after my initial conversation with CVS customer service, I finally recieved a call from their Customer Relations department.  I was assured that going forward, the store team would be aware of the procedures and policies, and standards for customer service.   1,515 more words

Customer Relations

Sampling 101 The Discovery Channel Platform

Getting consumers to take your product for a test drive could possibly lead to new sales and fans. Some call it “Discovery Commerce”, I call it… 672 more words


So they stuck you with this?!?!

There is an old adage on Twitter when people are talking about how many followers they or someone else has: “well, Jesus only had twelve followers”.   960 more words

Customer Relations

Ricoh's track record with Pentax

When Ricoh took the Pentax brand, staff and patents from Hoya, who themselves had acquired them only a few years earlier, they took on a brand that was behind in several key areas that were well known to and voiced by customers. 342 more words


How to repair a HEAT PUMP --- in seven easy steps!

Winter is about half over and I’m sure we are all looking forward to the end of this heating season (especially the New England area and all their snow). 401 more words

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