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Customer Happiness Meetup in Belgrade

Some time ago, I realized there there are a bunch of meetups and conferences all over the world about WordPress, PHP, Javascript and other web related technologies but there are just a few Customer Support meetups. 83 more words

Customer Happiness Engineering

Brilliant live chat plugin for WordPress

Recently I started searching for a solution for providing live chat to WordPress users. As I already mentioned previously, I am currently working at… 121 more words

Beginning With WordPress

Leadership - What Do You Mean by That

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post on the subject On Leadership. Here I expressed my thoughts on what does it mean to be a leader and I described the path I took when I first became the Head of Customer Happiness team in my company. 25 more words


How Much Is Your Customers Happiness Worth?

Every person has a value. Our value goes up and down on a scale. Most people refer to it as a “good vs evil” scale.. but I like to think of it as my “sunshine” scale. 320 more words

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E-Commerce Packaging Ideas Your Customers will Love

For a customer, receiving a package from the online retailer is supposed to be a wonderful experience. It is like receiving a gift one bought for oneself some time ago. 641 more words

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Pricing Strategy: It IS Rocket Science

The other day, I went on eBay to buy myself a handheld microscope. What I noticed was that there were multiple sellers selling what seemed to be the same product at different prices, starting from Rs.599 all the way to Rs.1299. 626 more words

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How to Cut Down Your Order Processing Time

The ability to process orders quickly and efficiently is a benchmark for a good online retailer. Being able to do this not only means that the customer is left satisfied, but it also reflects upon the sales and profit margins of the retail enterprise. 633 more words

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