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Vintage steampunk or steampunked vintage...

For some time now I’ve admired the look of the steampunk attitude towards jewellery. All cogs, and parts and odd bits and pieces. Although eclectic more or less means ‘A bit of all styles’ I feel that steampunk is attracted to the eclectic side of my beading. 188 more words


Jewelry Cad Dream. Some Jewellers buy ZWSoft 3D Direct.


I am Allan Stratton

With this blog I am going to be hated even more by the Jewelry Cad World but you need to hear the truth. 842 more words


Flying with colors at Flair 'n' Flamboyance Creations

Whenever I talk about chunky and street jewellery, I often know where can I peep into for them. But bargaining at Sarojini or Janpath at times becomes a headache for me. 324 more words

Feature Fashion

Gold Adds Beauty That Is Immortal

Jewellery can be worn in different ways and can add a strong sense of style in the entire attire. Gold can never wrong and you cannot simply escape the vintage that gold offers with its known uniqueness. 235 more words

Custom Jewellery

How to repair broken pieces of jewellery

When your favourite piece of jewellery breaks the woe is heartbreaking. That might be an old piece that holds a very important place in your life. 243 more words

Custom Jewellery

A message from Bob Hunter on the comparisons between Gemvision Matrix V8 and jewelry Cad Dream software.


My name is Allan Stratton.

Jewelry Cad Dream is advancing at light speed. It is a very versatile program.

But the best part of the program is the dynamic history. 594 more words