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For the Dalai Lama - Global Compassion Education

A Birthday Gift for the Dalai Lama – Global Compassion Education

I’m sharing this article upon yesterday’s return from our immersion and service trip to Costa Rica. 44 more words

Choose your own Edventure: Letting genius blossom

Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.

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Multiple Intelligences and ESL lesson planning

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I was given an article to read by my art teacher.  It had been written by a man named Howard Gardner.  669 more words


One Teacher's "Grit" Curriculum

Want some tips about how to help kids learn about grit? This video from Edutopia has ideas to get you started. While it’s meant for teachers, it’s worth a watch for parents as well. 157 more words

Angela Duckworth

ENG 12 Unit 2.1 The English Renaissance: Poetry and Prose

Warm-up: Review poetry terminology and discuss information regarding England in 1485-1625.


Sound devices: prosody (rhythm, meter, and rhyme scheme), repetition, parallelism, alliteration, assonance, consonance, onomatopoeia… 2,932 more words