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Grammar. Charlotte Mason Approach Textbook Parent Guide

Do you ever feel like Grammar and Sentence mechanics done the Charlotte Mason way is beyond your reach? Do you feel as if you are trying to teach something that you yourself have little idea of how it works – and without a textbook or manual you are drowning in a sea of worry? 425 more words


The Joy of Simply Learning

 “Education is a Science of Relations.”  Charlotte Mason stressed the importance of giving children a wide and varied curriculum  because we never know which area would seize the child as a passion. 205 more words


Lather, Rinse, Repeat: The Power of Repetition

Lather, Rinse, Repeat: The Power of Repetition

As a musician there were many long, tireless nights of repeating the same exact 12-note phrase over and over again until it sounded absolutely perfect. 732 more words


Recently I was at a workshop and  was discussion on the differences between knowing and understanding. It is not something that I had given much thought to.

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How a progressive curriculum is implemented OR Why playing Minecraft is a good example of the learning process

Okay, so I caught you on the clickbait. Bear with me. Minecraft will eventually appear on this post. In number 4 to be exact.

The scope of any progressive school is the same as any traditional school because we are all under the Department of Education. 719 more words

Progressive Education