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Do You Believe – Movie Review

Christian movies appear to be making a bigger splash at the box office. The message is stronger, the acting is better and the budgets have been more generous. 733 more words


BYOB - Become Your Own Bank

Life is not just about knowledge but requires action as well. Please complete this life changing exercise before you read any further. Add up all the payments you have ever made in your life to a bank or finance company on every debt you have ever had during your life. 729 more words

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Lufthansa's Germanwings Airbus 320 Crash: Black Box Found

An Airbus operated by Lufthansa’s Germanwings budget airline crashed into a mountainside in the French Alps on Tuesday, March 24th 2015, killing all 150 people on board including 16 schoolchildren. 221 more words

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My Review of Sling TV

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I signed up with Sling TV because I wanted to see what web TV is like. My household is already a big user of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, and I have a very good opinion of all of those services. 858 more words

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Things have taken a turn for the worst

I didn’t really plan on ever writing about political topics on my blog, but there’s one issue I won’t tolerate–inequality.

For those who might have heard Indiana is, unfortunately, about to pass a bill (SB 101 or the Religious Freedom Restoration Act) that allows businesses in Indiana to deny service to anyone (mostly those of the LGBTQ community) based on the religious beliefs of the business. 292 more words

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Guaranteed Income (Part 3)

Last week, we talked about investing, the second circle of wealth in my series of “Six Absolute Necessities for Acquiring Long-Term Wealth.” The third is guaranteed income. 784 more words

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