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God's Not Done

The fact that this blog post is going live past July fourth is the perfect example of why I could never be a journalist. I’m a ruminator – I like to chew on and think about things, leaving me very little to say at the time of the current event. 927 more words


moved beyond words

Here’s the original post.

I can’t summon my usual wit in this instance folks.  As a Jew and a gay man and a human being I’m humbled and moved and tearful and…well, thank you, Eva Mozes Kor.   72 more words

Current Events

My Take on Some Current Events...

Well, so much shit happening all at once lately, that I can’t keep up with ’em to opine in separate posts. So, I’ll just give y’all my thoughts on three recent ones’ here and make ’em short, sweet, and to the point: … 1,457 more words


I am aware that I have not posted on this blog on several months. I have been rather preoccupied with my move back to the States. 64 more words

Current Events

‘Unsung’ This Week: Was Xscape Really Ready For Stardom?

Xscape was the R&B group of around the way girls everyone wanted to be down with in the ’90s. They kicked their ways into our hearts with hits like “Just Kickin’ It” and “Who Can I Run To,” and left a huge imprint. 175 more words


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Request to File for Rehearing of OBERGEFELL V HODGES: How to Overturn the Illegal Same-Sex Marrige Ruling [SAMPLE LETTER]

According to Supreme Court Rule 44, the Ohio state officials named in the case of Obergefell v Hodges have 25 days from the original hearing to file for a rehearing: “Any petition for the rehearing of any judgment or decision of the Court on the merits shall be filed within 25 days after entry of the judgment or decision, unless the Court or a Justice shortens or extends the time.”  The justification for a rehearing would be the examples of blatant personal bias that Chief Justices Kagen and Ginsberg have shown by approving of and officiating same-sex marriages, far in advance of the hearing. 369 more words

Constitutional History

I Am Fully Aware

I can no longer minimize, scrutinize, womanize,

I can’t treat you like an object, a piece of ass,

anymore just because I want to get in bed with you. 294 more words