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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day to all my American friends, family and blog followers!

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Does God Really Love America?

Hot dogs, burger patties, chicken on the grill, parades, picnics and bright flags of red, white and blue—all celebrating the pride felt in America. But as fireworks light up the sky, is God up in heaven, waving the stars and stripes along with us? 643 more words

In Such An Hour

Islam: Is this a matter of tolerance of hypocrisy?

Islam has fast become since The Iraq War and Bush’s Axis of Evil the buzzword for danger, panic and opposition. But where is there now a point where tolerance to Islam has become an extreme tolerance to an intolerant faith?  1,248 more words

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Leicester's forgotten homeless community

Leicester may be in the throes of dealing with a new epidemic gripping much of the country after controversial homeless spikes were fitted in the corners of Tesco stores and council properties causing national and local uproar. 740 more words

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Why I'm flying the Betsy Ross flag for this year's Fourth

 Today, I went out and posted the colors as I do every year. But this time was different. This time, I decided on a flag of my country that our founders saluted and pledged. 580 more words


Independence Day

Happy Independence Day America.

It is with concern that I ‘celebrate’ this year. So many of the ideals and principles upon which you were founded have been up-rooted and discarded. 533 more words

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Ava DuVernay Won’t Be Directing ‘Black Panther’

Apparently it wasn’t meant to be. Unfortunately Ava DuVernay will NOT be at the helm of the upcoming Marvel film, Black Panther.  DuVernay told Essence writer Yolanda Sangweni that in the end after meeting with execs, she passed on the opportunity Marvel’s first superhero of color. 15 more words

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