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Saturday Open Thread | Sidney Poitier Week

Have a great weekend everyone!

We continue with Mr. Sidney Poitier Week!

In the Heat of the Night


Buck and the Preacher

Love this movie! 974 more words

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Breakout or Fakeout: Should You Target These Hot Hitters?

Last week I looked at some hot starting pitchers. This week we examine some unexpectedly hot hitters. One key to success in fantasy leagues is to quickly identify the true breakout players early in the season and separate them from the fakeout players — those whose success is a mirage. 1,295 more words


How Much Paper Would It Take to Print Out the Internet? And the NGPF Curriculum?

It seems an appropriate question to ask on National Arbor Day but not sure how it relates to personal finance, but what the heck it is Friday! 184 more words

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How To Make That College Investment Pay Off!

I found myself nodding a lot in this PBS NewsHour article “6 Rules To Make The Best College Decision.”  Ok, I know that these listicles (articles with lists) seem to be a tad overdone, but in this case, I found that we had created lessons around many of their rules. 151 more words

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This form of poetry is known as Tanka. It’s a genre of classical Japanese poetry. Tanka poems consist of 5 lines with a total of 31 syllables. 48 more words

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Calling all minions!!!

We are having an official drunken weekend-long reunion party over on the post where we are breaking the record for the most comments ever on a WordPress post…  (41,860 so far)… (and climbing)… 24 more words


30-Hour Famine...9 hours in

We’re almost 9 hours into the famine.  No one is really complaining (they didn’t last year), however, we’re down to one cracker every few hours after the special games.  80 more words