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What's the Time?

Before I go any further, I want to caveat that what I am about to write is ridiculousness at its finest. But I have to get it off my chest. 338 more words


How Do You Feel About Therapist Taking Notes During Session?

I m just curious. I ve heard some negative things about it but I am glad when my therapist takes notes because I feel more confident she will remember important information. 21 more words


I’m watching the stars wake up

As I watch I find myself infected

I’m infatuated by that thing that people keep chasing- they call it Wanderlust… 124 more words

They were..

curious, In fact, creative and lived more in their heads then they ever did in reality.

-The Drifter’s Odyssey

Troublemaker That's Your Middle Name

Hello everyone I trust you are having a wonderful holiday.

Not much to report on my end, I did hear back from Rafe like twenty-four hours after I last posted.He apologized for being a d*ck and openly admitted that he is one, but he won’t be one to me… 692 more words


Penguin Duct Tape Bag!

Who doesn’t love penguins? I found an older duct tape bag that someone made for me out of caution tape and duct tape, so I was inspired to make my own bag out of duct tape; cheap and waterproof! 166 more words