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The myth of victory

US soldiers inside a Stryker fighting vehicle return to base, Baghdad, Iraq, June 2008. Photo by Moises Saman/Magnum

War isn’t like it used to be. Victory is more elusive, and a strong military doesn’t count as much…

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What Your Facebook Status Updates Say About Your Personality


Researchers never seem to run out of new ways to examine Facebook and the interactions that take place within. Here at Big Think, we’ve written about a number of Facebook studies looking into why it’s… 349 more words


How the Eyes Can Betray Your Thoughts

by Soren Dreier
Author: Mo Costandi

It’s sometimes said that the eyes are windows into the soul, revealing deep emotions that we might otherwise want to hide. 299 more words


You Are Not Who You Think You Are

by Waking Times

Interview – Waking Times contributing author RJ Spina is interviewed by Simon on the Sofa in a enlightening conversation about consciousness and the self. 40 more words


Uploading human brain for eternal life is possible – Cambridge neuroscientist

Reuters/Michaela Rehle

People could “live inside a machine” by turning their brain into a program code once a computer capable of recreating some 100 trillion connections is built… 313 more words


The arts are much more than simply money-making ‘creative industries’

Allan Williams and Ashley McGuire in the National Theatre production of Caryl Churchill’s Light Shining In Buckinghamshire. Photograph: Tristram Kenton

by Giles Fraser

The arts should be one of the areas to challenge the idea that our political and financial masters have a monopoly on what counts as established reality…

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