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Sleep Is the New Wonder Drug

by Lynne Dorner

Did I just give you permission to use a drug?

Yes, I did. Sleep is THAT important.

Scientists have discovered that sleep is not just important for the brain, but also for… 768 more words


Why men won't get married anymore: Women complain chaps today won't settle down. Sorry, ladies, but it's all your fault, argues a wickedly provocative new book

According to the Office for National Statistics, marriage in Britain is at its lowest level since 1895

By Peter Lloyd For The Daily Mail

A controversial new book argues that the triumph of feminism has meant men are now second-class citizens. 840 more words


How to embrace loneliness: a modern guide

‘Being on your own is how you learn to value company. Silence is what gives value to conversation.’ Photograph: Andrew Fox/Alamy

by Nell Frizzell

A survey showing 83% of people under 35 have felt lonely is no surprise to me.

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Astronomers discover largest known structure in the universe is ... a big hole

An earlier image from the Planck telescope shows the Cold Spot, circled. Photograph: ESA and the Planck Collaboration

Scientists searching for an explanation for an unusually cool area of sky instead discovered a supervoid: an empty spherical blob 1.8 billion light years across…

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Beware of Possible Cuisine-Drug Interactions

By Alex B. Berezow

Taking drugs, whether legal or illegal, creates problems. One of them is that drugs can interact with each other, often in bad ways. 423 more words


Carl Jung talks about staying close to your roots

Carl Jung talks about biological truth and about the necessity of staying close to your roots.

“A man is not complete when he lives in a world of the statistical truth. 152 more words


The "Inner Logic" of Other Power

The ego cannot achieve freedom from itself—something more is required.

by David Brazier

A friend recently asked me to describe the “inner logic” of Pure Land Buddhism. 532 more words