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A Second

Another early morning rise to watch the second semifinal of Eurovision. This time I had a couple of fine fur-friends to listen to my critiquing chatter. 256 more words


Wedding Photography : A Click By Mistake

While I was trying to change few settings in my camera, it accidentally skipped from my hand. In order to save it I grabbed it right from its grip and CLICK !! 42 more words


Live Your Life on Purpose, as the Only Fish who “Go With the Flow” are the Dead Ones

If you are the type who is self-aware, independent, strives for self-sufficiency, an individualist, or the like, you may want to consider what I have to say.  1,584 more words

Fairy Bathtime

Woohoo! The rains had come again.

My wings were fluttering excitedly as they always did when water beaded so prettily on all the leaves around us. 163 more words

Snap Shot


Have you ever had an artist look at you as if you weren’t art? 

Like you were the cheapest paint. A useless canvas,far from a muse. 88 more words

A juggler's trick on board International space station

India’s infamous Godmen, known for the juggling and cheap tricks they perform to cheat and deceive ignorant faithful, are often known to perform tricks like producing holy ash (according to them) from the palm of their hands. 646 more words


A Wooden Almirah

A Cornered Almirah

Best seen full screen; double press the photo and then press F11.