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Unit 4: Enterprising by design - Part 2

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Characteristics by design – Part 2

Another four characteristics for you to get your teeth into – as before, look through the questions and be totally honest in your answers.  285 more words


Lasting Leadership Celebration

This is it. We’re finally here. Today was the Lasting Leadership Celebration. A day to present what we’ve learned and celebrate how far we’ve come together. 1,997 more words


Curiosity On Tokio Hotel's Feel It All Music Video

Bill in the videoclip wears a t-shirt of the German artist Blümchen. This singer was the one who gave him a 5 points puntuation when Bill participated in Star Search. 6 more words

Tokio Hotel

OMG What If.....

OMG!!!! My stupid mind thinking about something again……

I just……… maybe……. what if……….. why did I realize it now?

That S letter, what if it’s not just mere “&” emblem of Haru&Oneday? 252 more words


The Questing Beast: Cultural Literacy

Yesterday, in heart-wrenchingly depressing fashion, it was brought to my attention that Americans are rapidly descending into a morass of cultural illiteracy. The systematic elimination of arts from public school curricula, the emphasis on preparing young people for a job rather than a life in college, all seem to be leading us to generations of uncurious individuals. 393 more words

Dragon Keeper's Handbook


To that virtue of a Sagittarius!
That curious, insatiable thirst;
For new sights, sounds and smells
Erratic at its worst!

Send me to Angkor Wat, 60 more words


Bulldozing through the space

Imagine yourself driving on an empty straight road. Because there is no one around, you have pushed the accelerator pedal little harsher than the usual and the ride is pretty enjoyable. 774 more words