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Chocolate Cupcakes with Pretzel Buttercream

Yes…once again I am incorporating one of my favorite salty snacks into baking! How can anything get better than chocolate covered pretzels? Trust me, this cupcake makes it possible. 291 more words


A salad that almost ended me, some Riverwalk fun, and an almost lazy Sunday

Happy Sunday!

I woke up today sure that it was going to be a lazy day. I mean, for gosh sakes we didn’t get out of bed until after noon! 610 more words

Cupcakes And Miles

Baked goods pics

Today I’m going to add some pics of previous baked goods I’ve made in the past. Mostly cakes and cupcakes, but I’m now trying to branch out. Enjoy!


An Elegant Cupcake

I am first of not a cupcake fan. In my mind, they are for children to bring into their class on the birthday. Adults should eat cake. 236 more words


Mississippi Mud Cupcakes

Hello everyone!

As I have mentioned multiple times about my love of baking, I thought it would make much more sense if my first post was about “Mississippi Mud Cupcakes”! 579 more words

New Zealand

brown butter birch cupcakes for my birthday!

Mini cupcakes. With birch syrup and brown butter in the batter and buttercream. 30 mini cupcakes, to be exact. For my birthday. Which is today! Let’s just say I’m leaving the mid-forties range in six months. 770 more words

Baked Goods

A Day in LA

It seems like half of my posts are about food in other cities. I guess that’s part of your normal college experience, right? Maybe not, but it was my spring break. 598 more words