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Where Are All the Black Men?

The Rising Gender Gap in Higher Education by Gerard Liston

The widely held belief that whites, specifically white men, dominate higher education has endured for decades. 884 more words

HLP Lab at CUNY 2015

We hope to see y’all at CUNY in a few weeks. In the interest of hopefully luring to some of our posters, here’s an overview of the work we’ll be presenting. 1,068 more words


Free Community College Tuition is Not the Answer

What does $1,400 buy nowadays? One year of cell phone service with T-Mobile, one year of television with DirecTV, or one year’s tuition at a California community college—for 60% of students, that is. 556 more words

College Ready

To be young again...

This picture was taken during my last trip to the Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City.  So many memories of architecture school, and my years at the City University of New York.  12 more words



David Petraeus has NO BUSINESS teaching at a university!

And he’s teaching ETHICS…OF ALL THINGS!

We will not stop till Petraeus is out of CUNY!

All Out Against War Criminal Petraeus! CUNY for the People, Not Imperialists!

Once again, the students and people of New York will come out to condemn the hiring of former CIA Director David Petraeus to Macaulay Honors College. 327 more words


Under Construction

By Kristell Moreno

Feb. 17, 2015

On Wednesday, Hunter College President Jennifer Raab announced during a Senate meeting that the construction work on the escalators in the West Building of Hunter College will be completed by  the beginning of the 2015 Fall semester after being out of service since the beginning of the 2014 Fall semester. 471 more words