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The Knight and the Dragon 

Imagine normalcy is a knight fighting a dragon, salaciousness. The knight fares well against the lewd dragon for ages, but after time, as many things do he’s grown old and tired. 243 more words


Always thinking of a friend

I apologize, for not being an individual who is fast at opening his mouth, senselessly talking with hopes that great advice or inspiring words will be found between mostly wasted breaths. 511 more words


Positive thinking yields positive results.

Dilegance, and dedication allows a from of perfection.



Big people want to be little,

Little people want to be big.

And the few that are okay with their physical frame are called vapid, cocky and arrogant.


My Unicorn: 

I thought until now you had never existed, but I saw you once!

Your love was exactly what I couldn’t have

So naturally, it was all I thought I needed.


Simple Ways

We have seen a hard road and have chosen to take a simpler way.

Exalted one lord and the addictions that bring us momentary happiness during the night… 123 more words




Be quiet.

Be pretty,

And smile.

That is all a man needs to see.

Young Lady,

Lower your ambitions and life’s expectations.

Do not allow your mind to wonder. 179 more words