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As if I were her (For F.Y.) 

You fuckin’ Sweet talkersYou all know exactly what to say

When to, and how.

Like a poison inside

Your seductive words, creeping through my blood, clouding my mind. 211 more words


As A Friend

Love is no matter I dame to conquer. It is unsinkable,


It is war,

The weapon.

And Peace.

Love is no matter I dare wish exist inside me again. 65 more words



For multiple stories I have an end,

But I do not know where to begin.


I am Alive 

Sunlight light cascades ‘cross my face, hurting my eyes. I am happy that I am alive

Breath quickly enters and exits my two lungs

Every moment is a war… 158 more words


In a Vacant Church 

In a vacant Church…
“Have you come to confess your sins?”
A Priest question to you.
Seated still,
Beyond the dark gauze which separates you two. 201 more words



I may have been more weak than each soul surrounding me.

But, acting strong was my greatest straight.

You never once saw the ways you hurt me. 32 more words


We have all got enough people around us, putting us down, saying that we aren’t good enough.

We shouldn’t do it to ourselves…