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Be quiet.

Be pretty,

And smile.

That is all a man needs to see.

Young Lady,

Lower your ambitions and life’s expectations.

Do not allow your mind to wonder. 183 more words


The Situation

I did not drink last night

Yet I did smoke

Am I one day sober?


I know that I write honestly, and if that makes me seem pompous, I apologize for it. I believe I write for the young and for the old.

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There are so many ugly people in the world, far too many. I am not speaking of people who are unappealing sexually and such. I speak of those that often surround you with very nefarious intentions in their mind and heart.

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Love of The Struggling Author

Oh love, my love.

Far from home I have gone.

Far from home I have traveled, and traveled is all I have done.

Nothing new in my life. 145 more words


Tables Turned

I wanted to share with my friends the something that was bothering me today,
But none of them had time.


V, and The King.

V: Imagine us with all our cloth off
I’m straddling you
Grinding against your manhood and heart.
Kissing you!
Your hands are secure along my hips. 284 more words