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Ancient city tour Muang boran

The Ancient City also known as “Muang Boran” is a vast open space recreational museum of Thailand’s ancient wonders. Be spoilt for choice in the numerous recreated two-thirds of an actual size from some of Thailand’s ancient cities like “Ayutthaya” and various restored tradisional arts both big and small. 385 more words

Day Tours In Thailand

Good Romans and Bad Romans

Rabbi Judah was a great sage, a wealthy man, and the leader of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel. He was admired and respected by everyone. 608 more words

Inspirational Stories

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Gender works

I am all for equality. Men and women should be treated equally, paid equally, respected equally. But I don’t get how some feminists get all winded up about ”female/male roles”. 105 more words


How Hema Malini failed as a Human

The glamorous world of Indian Film Industry has great influence on its audience. While film makers or writers often say that their work is just a copy of Society’s life; one still find it Irrelevant to His or Her life. 614 more words


Transraciaism & The problem with Rachel Dolezal

Hello everyone!

Today I want to address a subject that has thrown plenty of heatwaves through the news, especially in the US. Former president of the NAACP Rachel Dolezal spoke out on NBC News, where she claimed that she “identified as black”.  820 more words


more Japanese youkai/demons

(Picture: Mitsukuni defying the skeleton spectre invoked by princess Takiyasha)

Everytime when I open the book, new creatures pop up, some are pretty unusual and some are very interesting. 645 more words


Stop Bicara Takdir: Kendaraan Bermotor Menjadi Salah Satu Mesin Pembunuh di Indonesia

Salah satu kebutuhan dasar yang menjadi mesin laju ekonomi baik pada tingkat nasional, regional ataupun lokal adalah infrastruktur transportasi. Disini peran pemerintah daerah (PEMDA) sangat penting untuk mensukseskan laju ekonomi daerahnya, sebagaimana yang sudah dicatat oleh DJPP’s website (publikasi tahun tidak diketahui) tentang hak otonomi daerah, dimana hal yang dimaksud sudah diberikan oleh pemerintah pusat kepada PEMDA melalui undang-undang otonomi daerah no 22 pada tahun 1999. 693 more words