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More lamentations about Messages of mhere

“Evil report: When an individual maliciously injures, damages or discredits another’s reputation or character through the use of words or attitude.”

Sedler, Dr. Michael D. (2013-07-01).

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Required Reading: Rich Parents Are Better

You remember the old joke:

Q: What’s the best way to have a million dollars by the time you’re thirty?

A: Inherit ten million dollars when you’re twenty. 419 more words

Child Parent State

Playing the Part

Los Angeles


‘Scandal’ Star Equates Gay Marriage Movement to Fight for Interracial Marriage

In a speech at GLAAD’s Media Awards on Saturday, “Scandal” star Kerry Washington compared the gay marriage movement to the fight for black people to be able to marry outside their race.

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Culture Wars

Right Versus Left: Culture Wars, Past and Present |History News Network

Walter G. Moss lays out the different approaches that both the left and right take on the subject of morality. He mildly scolds both for their different failings on this subject: ” Neither dogmatic conservatism nor just spouting half-baked progressive platitudes serve our country well.” While I agree that we all need to take morality more seriously, the real difficulty is that liberals and conservatives completely disagree on the sources and meanings of morality.  42 more words


The Great Sin Of Our Age

What would you say is the greatest sin of our age? Would you say abortion? Maybe you believe it to be homosexuality or even adultery. We live in such a promiscuous society; surely one of the sexual sins would have to be the greatest in of our day. 335 more words

How Do You Treat Something Priceless?

Do you think of other people as valuable? How valuable? Would you consider them priceless?

Just imagine, what if you could say you held in your hand a small item, a… 81 more words

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