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David McDonagh: Critique of Sean Gabb on the Arts

David McDonagh

In Sean Gabb’s latest talk to the LA he seemed to have embraced a completely bogus thesis viz. that art aids society in general, especially the morale of the ruling class. 1,798 more words

Culture War

'Queering Your Campus' workshop calls pro-life movement 'clinic terrorists'

Campus Reform: Young feminists who recently attended the 11th annual National Young Feminist Leadership Conference (NYFLC) will return to their college campuses with a new rallying cry to… 293 more words

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Time Promotes Photo Book on Summer Camp for 'Gender-Creative Kids'

Newsbusters: Following in the footsteps of The New York Times Magazine in 2012 and Slate.com in 2013, the March 30 edition of Time is promoting the photographs of Lindsay Morris. 361 more words

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The importance of being frivolous - how to inject our message into art

Mustela nivalis

For serious reasons, we libertarians need to lighten up. We need to develop a way to express ourselves through art. Sean Gabb’s talk to the other LA, … 1,697 more words


President Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced he is running for President of these United States of America yesterday in Virginia.  He started his campaign at the largest Christian university in the world – Liberty University.  493 more words

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People of Walmart: The Very Angry Edition

There’s a website called peopleofwalmart.com, to which readers can send — and get published — candid photos they’ve taken of odd-looking shoppers in various Wal-Marts across the U.S. 474 more words

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