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Observation of Social Media: This past June's Heat on the Culture Wars

What a month June has been. Must be something about the beginning of summer but I want to make just an observation of the heat of the so called Culture war: For or against Police, Confederate Flags, Same Sex Marriage, Christianity, Donald Trump, Illegal Immigration, we’ve become a country that’s becoming super-sensitive to our detriment. 175 more words


White Privilege and Other Hot Air

Keith Preston

Libertarians of whatever stripe tend to focus primarily on political theory, law, economics, ethics, and philosophy. When it comes to cultural issues, they tend to just fall back on the de facto leftist position or the de facto conservative position, depending on their personal predilections. 569 more words

Culture War


Dear Friends,

Due to the recent homosexual “rainbow” celebration by WordPress in which they displayed the “rainbow” banner on its members reader/stats/blog dashboard without permission or at least providing us with the option to not participate, I’m moving… So, while I don’t relish the idea of returning to Blogger, at least they respect their bloggers and do not force their agenda on them…yet (?) Let’s pray they never do. 103 more words

Culture War

Belgium's culture of death: Woman, 24, granted right to die by euthanasia over suicidal thoughts: ‘Life, that's not for me’

NY Daily News: A 24-year-old Belgian woman who suffers from depression and has had a “death wish” since childhood has been granted the right to die  — even though she’s not terminally ill. 349 more words

Culture War

Article: Why Social Justice Warriors are losing


Their social policies are bearing fruit. Murderous, slanderous fruit.

They have become an extreme laughing stock, because their default view has shifted so far left after being accepted by conservatives (either dumb and obliging or secret geniuses ushering in this very thing) that the contradictions are becoming issues of national importance. 182 more words


Don Merritt is steadily working his way through the Book of Romans. Recently, he realized a lack of “planning.”

Obviously I haven’t planned very well, for we have arrived at these verses at a moment in time where many of us don’t really want to hear this, at least many of us in the US.

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Culture War

Thoughts on Gay Marriage

1. I’ve never been opposed to, say, a homosexual couple celebrating a wedding in a Unitarian church. Fine for them, it is a free country, and that sort of stuff is what the Unitarians exist for. 1,029 more words