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Why Is Obama So Silent About The Vicious Persecution Of Christians All Over The Globe?

But we are watching a major atrocity unfold right in front of our eyes here in 2015, and our government is just standing by and letting it happen.

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After flag desecration incident, Valdosta State University students rally to support American flag

Earlier this morning, I published a post on students from the University of Florida at Gainsville and Emory University desecrating the American flag by urinating on the symbol of our country, and dissing military veterans by spitting and throwing beer cans at them. 236 more words


Not in Defence of Stoning

Mustela nivalis

Right from the start I will say this: I consider stoning to be a form of torture and that therefore its practice should be outlawed. 1,988 more words

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What is wrong with people? Woman jailed after McDonald's shooting over bacon-less burger

MSN.com: A Michigan woman was sentenced three to seven years in prison after firing her gun at a McDonald’s drive-through when her hamburger was delivered twice without bacon… 196 more words

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ACLU sues feds in bid to make Catholic groups provide abortion to illegal immigrants

Fox News: Providing food and shelter to illegal immigrants isn’t enough for federally-funded Catholic organizations, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, which is suing the federal government to help ensure the religious organizations provide abortion and contraception to them as well.   465 more words

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On Gay Marriage

Is there a bigger issue or at least cultural issue facing the church right now?  Most of the mainline, large protestant denominations have continued their movement on the downward slope and have accepted gay marriage as something they need to do out of tolerance, the need to not offend in order to reach others or …well maybe their light isn’t shining very bright at this moment in time.   487 more words