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A Biblical Woman Ponders Civil Disobedience

Some might believe that Cardinal Francis George was prophetic when he said, “I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.” Although blessed my entire life with religious freedom, these words challenge me to ponder civil disobedience. 1,161 more words

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a life in deep time

I just watched a documentary about continental drift and how it is projected to change the structure of land on earth in the next 250 million years. 512 more words


Jesus Is Risen, Or Is He?

Jesus has risen! He is risen indeed!

But wait. Has He really? Is what He has said about Himself true? Is what He says about us true? 319 more words

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What If . . . One Year of Christian Freedom?

When I look at the photos of children in the Middle East, I wonder:
What if we knew we had one year left of Christian freedom in this country? 23 more words

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Culture Shift - A Growing Religious Pluralism

American culture is changing rapidly.  In addition to the increasing secularization of our society, religious pluralism is another significant threat to Christianity.  A growing number of followers of other religious traditions surround us including Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.  1,567 more words

the absurdity awareness support group

This piece first appeared on the Dissident Voice and Counterpunch webzines.

It would be in a place you’d recognize immediately: just another dark, clean, church basement, in an old church near a bus stop. 2,324 more words