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The price of truth - everything for Kayla Mueller

If only, if only, the kind of heroic honesty shown by the 26-year-old martyr, Kayla Jane Mueller, who lost her life in Syria in recent days, was more commonplace among us, what a better world we would be living in. 502 more words

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The world at a watershed

I seldom pass a group of young children these days – or a mother with a newborn infant in her arms – but I ask myself  a rhetorical question. 2,330 more words

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Culture 5 – The Culture of Nations

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Confucius

I knew something was up. I couldn’t just jump into The Culture of Organizations… 607 more words


Don't be fooled by charity from politicians

As we get closer to the 2016 elections the lukewarm out-cry against vote buying gets louder and even more superficial. Those who are allegedly forking out the cash to buy votes are crying out loud, perhaps even louder than those who are selling their votes, but nevertheless buyers and sellers are all crying foul. 565 more words


The domino effect of same-sex 'marriage'

As Ireland prepares for a referendum which proposes to remove from its Constitution any obstacle to the redefinition of marriage the advocates of same-sex marriage say it is a simple matter of officially recognising the love of two people. 483 more words

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The McGuinness illusion

If Martin McGuinness’ judgement is as off the rails in the matter of his affiliation with the Catholic Church – which as a matter of simple fact is clearly something which he thinks he can define for himself and on his own terms – how could anyone have confidence in any of his other judgements? 301 more words

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When there is no meat at Christmas, in Teso it is a shame!

In July of 2014, I noted and wrote an opinion that Uganda’s 2014/2015 budget is a recipe for food and nutrition insecurity. Six months later and half way the government’s current financial year, sadly my prediction was confirmed. 783 more words