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China is Like an Abusive Husband

Imagine a woman tied financially to an abusive husband. Initially, she married him because it seemed like a potentially good partnership (like marriage is ever a good idea for a woman – think of how it came about in the first place!!!). 542 more words


The 4th of July : Independence Day.

This Week-End you definitely noticed it, it was the independence day. Even if you didn’t go out you eared the fireworks outside.

Independence Day (United States) is a… 172 more words


The H Word

How fear of being labelled a hater is affecting expression of, and difference of opinion.

My latest post may once again be found over at Threads.


Summer in Florence: in which it's not the heat; it's the air conditioning

I believe in the unlimited grace of the air conditioner.  I believe in the goodness and the glory of the air conditioner.  I believe in the power of the air conditioner to lift me up when I am down. 605 more words


Dogs - What incredible companions!

Meet Lizzy The Dancing Dog and her Human Sandra Roth.

Last Saturday, I posted Let’s dance today!

It showed a dog dancing to music, or quite possibly, a dog scratching its back against a wall that someone had cleverly set to music.   122 more words


The Racialization of Clothing

As we move through our world, because such movement is so everyday, we seldom stop to consider the obvious. I frequently think about what clothing signifies to others, specifically the ways in which clothing is racialized. 743 more words

Thoughts And Perspectives

Appa turns 60

TamBrahm tradition dictates that when the male half of the couple turns 60 on the Tamil Calendar, a second wedding must be celebrated. The event is called a… 271 more words