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Ice Castles

Photographer Sam Scholes visited one of Brent Christensen’s Ice Castles in rural Utah and took these amazing images. You can see much more of Scholes work on his website.

Art And Design

Creating a Distant Future

Stephen Hawking recently said that the greatest danger to humans is ourselves.  We could destroy ourselves in the next two hundred years.  He’s also warned us against the use of artificial intelligence, as it could also become our greatest enemy. 454 more words


Why isn't there a White History Month?!!

I have previously addressed arguments related to the strengths and weakness of Black History Month here.

Until now, however, I have not addressed one of the number one questions asked, especially in February and March, and that is, “Why isn’t there a White History Month?” 229 more words

Thoughts & Perspectives

Time Travel: February 2014 - To Fado and Living in the Moment

Fado is a type of Portuguese folk music that traditionally features mournful singing by a single vocalist, with various guitar accompaniment. It’s still popular today in concert venues and bars, like the well-known Tasca do Chico in Lisbon (Rua do Diário de Notícias). 488 more words

Budget Travel

Bring out your cameras, people!

Photography has always been a big interest of mine, and a good photo can catch my attention for hours (ok maybe not literally but you get it). 659 more words


Choices we make - or not...

We have them to make every day. Some are easy – choosing to have coffee in the morning – we do them every day. Some are really tough – getting up every day after getting a diagnosis that the disease you have is crippling. 564 more words


On Ecuadorian Ceviche (recipe)

Hawaii ranks the top in racial diversity. Although adjusting to the weather in Denmark was a challenge (wearing leather pants here is not necessarily a fashion statement but a practical decision to protect your legs from the biting winds that blow from Finland and Russia), I found the lack of racial diversity in Denmark more trying. 365 more words