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Brooklyn Botanical - Sakura Matsuri

This weekend I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, which held Sakura Matsuri, a festival celebrating Japanese culture. In this festival, beautiful cherry blossoms that scatter the garden  bloom  with white and pink. 173 more words


Hubble at 25

The Hubble Space Telescope has orbited the earth for 25 years. Here are a few selections from the massive trove of images collected over the years. 113 more words

Art And Design

Latinos Do it Better

Doesn’t hola, me llamo *insert name* sound better, sexier, awesome than saying, hey my name is… While at work the other day my coworker and I realized how awesome it is to be Latino. 354 more words


Japan is going to the moon

Japan is going to be the fourth nation to land on the moon, sending a robotic probe on the moon.

They are planning to launch this mission in 2018-19. 14 more words


I Respect Bruce Jenner- A Reaction to the Diane Sawyer Interview

Prior to today, I did not respect Bruce Jenner. I won’t deny watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians- it has been a fixture in my TV addiction for a few years. 566 more words


Biting off my nose to spite my face

I have to admit that I may have been somewhat petulant today. I did it to make a point. But I think I’m the one who missed out. 610 more words


A Letter to my "Otherly-Raced, Religioned, or Abled" Friends

I am not racist. If you are a good person. Kind. Caring. Thoughtful. Honest. Polite. You will always be my friend. I don’t care what color you are, or what religion you believe. 533 more words