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Gardening and Beneficial Insects

Spring’s right around the corner! Well, for those of us who aren’t heaped under mountains of snow. To kickstart spring, this month we’re going to post all about mantises! 1,685 more words


Cultural Diary Week 4: Hipsters and Hebdige

This week, I will be measuring a contemporary subculture against Hebdige’s model of subcultures. The subculture I have chosen to analyse is the contemporary hipster culture that has risen to prominence in the last five years. 402 more words

Media Culture

Massive Company Presents, The Brave

It is always so exciting to see theatre from back home. This week Hawai’i gets a treat in seeing a well established theatre group, Massive Company, … 1,504 more words


The Social Geography of a Tube Train at Rush Hour

Since starting work in London, I’ve been getting the Tube in to London Bridge on a daily basis. I’ve come to see each Tube carriage as a kind of social ecosystem, with each area having its specific species of Tube-r. 523 more words


アレクサンダー、(Alexander), The Japanese Superman

I needed to correct myself once again. Indeed being wise surpasses being clever and listening and getting to deep understand humans worldwide makes you get closer to the archetype of God or the whole. 658 more words


Farming Redefined

Recently, a friend asked me when I was going to become a real farmer again, hinting at my small backyard farm in comparison to my previously owned game farm. 414 more words

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