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Gospel day, Bomb Day and Comet

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks! We have hardly had time to get onto the internet (we have to travel to the hotel to get reception), so this update is well due! 1,568 more words

Blue Man Group: Show humorístico familiar

Blue Man Group representa a un trío de mimos con sus rostros pintados de azul y sus cabezas cubiertas con gorros de látex del mismo color, guantes azules y ropa de color negro. 174 more words


El Barbero de Sevilla: Ópera para niños

Una de las mejores óperas adaptadas para niños El Barbero de Sevilla de De G. Rossini, se presenta en temporada corta en el Centro Cultural Helénico… 152 more words



The world’s press is in the hands of the left, and their priorities are the ones you see in the news. What do they care about? 405 more words


Busy Times!

We have been very busy here at EWP, preparing for and supporting our director’s world travels for the introduction of our company. Marketing 101 for any 21st-century global enterprise! 194 more words


What makes you think global warming types care about facts?

I am happy to find that the facts are with the sceptics, but I wouldn’t be all that sure that the politics are as well. Tim Blair wrote a brief note the other day on… 299 more words