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DOJ Report States “Hands Up - Don’t Shoot” Narrative Was Completely False - We Again Explain Its Origin

Today the DOJ released their comprehensive finding report on the Mike Brown shooting. The DOJ Report states unequivocally the “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” narrative was a completely false construct, … 2,653 more words

Officer Darren Wilson Will NOT Face Federal Civil Rights Charges - Full Ferguson DOJ Finding Report Included (pdf)

Following the shooting death of Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri the federal DOJ launched two investigations.  One investigation into Officer Darren Wilson, and a second investigation into the Ferguson Police Department. 147 more words

The Communist Movement in Britain

The Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) was founded in 1920 and officially affiliated with the Communist International Comintern. It was only dissolved in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union. 1,469 more words

UKIP is the party of Civic Nationalists who do not care about the future of the indigenous British people

If you are a British Racial Nationalist and care about the future of your people as a race in their ancestral homeland, then UKIP is not going to do a single thing to ensure that your ancestral homeland remains in the image of your ancestors. 1,031 more words

George Lincoln Rockwell on the Impact of Feminism and its Assault on the Natural Roles of the Sexes

Quotes from ‘This Time the World’

Without anybody coming out and saying it, the mad scramble for ‘democracy’ has been extended to the sexes and the natural dominance of the male, and the passive submission of the female, which are basic to both natures and absolutely necessary to their happiness, have been scorned as evil carry-overs from our animal natures. 1,530 more words

Does Saskatchewan's Economy Shield It From Cultural Marxist Insanity?

Saskatchewan is the opposite of Ontario in so many ways. Ontario is over-populated whereas Saskatchewan is sparsely populated. Ontario’s biggest city (Toronto) is racially segregated (ironically) whereas Saskatchewan’s largest city (Saskatoon) is concerned only with segregating cyclists from motorists. 773 more words


Feminism: Socialism in Panties

Enjoy the title? Alas it’s not the product of my labor, but of another. I debated whether I should post this because I find the frame deplorable for so many reasons, but why not. 478 more words