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Mr Atheist

Atheistic Marxism-Leninism = 100,000,000 deaths.

Abortion = 1,000,000,000 deaths

Napalm = science

Atomic bomb = science.

Moral authority?

You have none. You don’t even know where your moral values originate from. 7 more words


Epic TV - MSNBC Ed Schultz Gets Intellectually Pummeled By Heritage Foundation Guest....

What happens when liberals are losing an argument based on facts?

Watch and see:

Ryan Anderson noted that in fact, and in legal reality, the 2014 Hobby Lobby decision, the Supreme Court ruled the federal RFRA does apply to corporations. 146 more words

NASCAR Goes PC Over Indiana Law

This is some pathetic PC caving. Issuing a preemptive statement condemning a perfectly legit law. In fact, this law should be a no brainer. 85 more words

Political Correctness

Bring Back Section 28 Protect Our Children from Homosexual Propaganda

If you are of a sound mind, can think for yourself, and can recognise things that are harmful to your nation, culture, people and children, then you will see clearly that the promotion of homosexuality to minors is wrong, dangerous, sinister and ideologically driven. 2,473 more words

Cultural Marxism

Indiana Becomes Apoplectic Moonbat Magnet - Governor Mike Pence Fights Back...

To arms ! Quick everyone grab a bag of Chick-fil-a sandwiches and start chucking them with random disregard  (they work like hand grenades against the rainbow Moonbats).  377 more words

5th Grade Student Suspended After Recording Teacher's Physical Threats....

…”don’t give me no look”

As the story is told An 11-year-old Florida girl was suspended from school after she recorded her fifth-grade teacher threatening and bullying other students.

209 more words

Another Blogger Hacked To Death In Bangladesh...

INDIA – A Bangladeshi blogger was hacked to death in Dhaka on Monday, the second such attack on a critic of religious fundamentalism in the mainly Muslim country in less than two months. 177 more words