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Cultural Hegemony: How the Media is Controlling Our Culture

“Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture”

This quote that is at the top of my blog page is by Allen Ginsburg who is a wonderful poet who was popular in the 1950s. 445 more words

Media Literacy

More than 400 tweets on Charlie Hebdo, freedom of speech, cartoons, terrorism, hypocrisy, power politics, manipulation, etc.

Here are several of my tweets concerning the Charlie Hebdo affair and the many fundamental issues it touches upon. I’ve been sad about so many horrible things happening in our world that the Charlie Hebdo incident just highlighted for me in such a stark way. 12,286 more words

Cultural Hegemony

A million articles and resources related to the Charlie Hebdo affair

As I had said in a recent post, I’ve so busy reading so many great tweets (phrases and pictures) and articles and comments on the Charlie Hebdo affair, that I had no time left to say much. 2,197 more words

Cultural Hegemony

Finally! Revenge is a dish that is best served in cake dish (not holding my breath though regarding Azucar Bakery in Colorado)

Finally, finally, finally – a social conservative guy (Bill Jack) in Colorado had the very bright idea to walk into a homosexual agenda bakery and ask for a few cakes with some anti-homosexual agenda messages on them. 859 more words


Charlie Hebdo - The ever fascinating utterly complicated issue of freedom of speech

A comment I posted at a site talking about the Charlie Hebdo incident:

Dora667 says: When I disobey religious mandates, I’m not “oppressing” those who want to abide by that religion, they have the right to do as they please.

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Cultural Hegemony


With all that has been revealed about Clandestine Government behaviour, one wonders if today’s Generation of Self-Loathing Bourgeois ‘New Atheists’, whom I prefer to call ‘The Student Class’, as deliberately manufactured. 295 more words