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A Time to Rise Up

The floodgates have opened and the allegations are pouring in. The silence is finally being broken by those who have chosen to challenge our leadership here at Calvary Temple, which has so callously disregarded the pain that it has caused individuals and their families. 102 more words


Homeless and not American citizen...

Henry is a 20-30 year old citizen of Zimbabwe, Africa.  He came to the United States on a work visa and has been working through out the country.  512 more words


The analogies and words people use in your startup meetings define your culture

As a founder, it is important to define and constantly manage / prune your company culture. Why? It defines your growth, who you hire and… 493 more words


Collaboration Week #4

146) Cult – Pure Cult: For Rockers, Ravers, Lovers And Sinners


Welcome to an exciting week of collaboration with… 330 more words

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Holiness and Manipulation

As a former member, I try to keep up with the Pentecostal church. Since it is less monolithic than some others and lacks authoritative, central leadership, most of its tenets are maintained by various social and political pressures, a few of which I will be discussing here. 717 more words


Horrified: About the Loudoun Times-Mirror Article

Written by Naomi

Today, the Loudoun Times-Mirror published an article detailing sexual abuse at Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia.

An excerpt from the article reads, 1,155 more words

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