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Photoshop/Delusion (Defined)

A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. Photoshop – transition verb – to alter an image…in a way that distorts reality (as for deliberately deceptive purposes). 470 more words

Star Scott

Why Is Bart Breen Stalking My Wife?

I need your help to stop a stalker who has been harassing and threatening my wife.

For over a year now, an obscure blogger named Bart Breen has been acting on behalf of a cult that’s upset and trying to silence me (and others) for daring to warn folks about… 2,025 more words

Frank Viola

The lawyer cult

I had my first dealings with a lawyer(-turned-adjudicator) recently. Thankfully my time with this lady was brief but I got a hint of what I’ve been learning about recently. 573 more words


Bright Lights, Big City

Bright Lights, Big City – Jay McInerney

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Blurb: ‘You are at a nightclub talking to a girl with a shaved head. The club is either Heartbreak or the Lizard Lounge. 739 more words


Secrets of The Dark Satanic Occult Exposed

FederalJacktube6, Feb 2015

On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes back friend, researcher, occulted knowledge specialist, and radio show host Mark Passio. The two of them dive deep into the rabbit hole tonight to discuss…

Time: 01:55:26

Pure Evil

Is Lubavitch/Chabad a Cult?

I grew up in an ultra orthodox Lubavitch/chabad setting. I was taught that it was not a cult. I was taught that it did not have the characteristics of a cult. 891 more words


Reality Check

This will probably be one of my last entries on this blog, but im going to keep the blog existing, im not going to delete it. 609 more words

Brooke Keeylen