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A Clockwork Orange

Every now and again, a film will come along that changes the way I look at cinema. When I was still in my teens, I attended a cinema on Bourke Street late one evening to see a motion picture I had long been curious about: Stanley Kubrick’s… 588 more words

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Empire Records Review

Empire Records

There aren’t a lot of films like Empire Records. There are so many reasons why people relate to it so much. A few of them being the characters. 99 more words


Empire Records in Photos

I’ve searched the internet to find photos, posters and quotes to do with this week’s film Empire Records!


Empire Records - Soundtrack

Sometimes you get a great film with a soundtrack as a second thought. Other times you can get a poor film with a great soundtrack. And then a film will come along and the soundtrack is just as amazing as the film is, so good that you can’t talk about the film without mentioning the soundtrack, they are intertwined. 68 more words


Boyhood - “Grow Up”

SPANKY: I have never seen a more realistic movie, and I don’t mean it was just the actors growing over 12 years of filming.

JOHN: Perhaps, but I thought it felt a little too much like real life, I mean not going anwhere. 94 more words


Astro Radio Z Presents "Why Exploitation?"

You’ve been warned! This is where it gets real!

Ever since Sister Theresa, the principal at the Catholic high school I attended, tried to cover up the fact that one of the visiting faculty tried to force me into becoming his personal mattress slave, I’ve taken a voracious liking to films in which nuns do incorrigible things! 237 more words


"Hipster Kits" by Alizée Lafon

French illustrator and filmmaker Alizée Lafon combines her passion for movies and design in her latest “Hipster Kits” series. Using a retro and minimalist approach, Lafon drags elements from some of the most famous cult flicks like The Big Lebowski, Moonrise Kingdom, Drive and 007, among others, each illustrated against an appropriate color background to capture the film’s feel.