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Corn Dodgers-Lincoln Style

   As per Dennis Hanks (cousin of Abraham Lincoln):  “Seems to me now I never seen Abe after he was twelve that he didn’t have a book in his hand or in his pocket.  71 more words

Culinary History

Brown Crust Envelopes

  When the cooked hominy, stored in the stoneware crock,  is wanted for meals, it is fried with a little butter or lard until a brown crust envelopes the… 16 more words

Culinary History

Like Mush

  After the corn had soaked in the lye and each grain cracked, there were several rinsings required in clear water to release hulls and remove lye residue.  73 more words

Culinary History


“Women have conserved a whole world, past and present, in the idiom of food. In their personal manuscripts, in locally distributed community recipe compilations, and in commercially printed cookbooks, women have given history and memory a permanent lodging. 2,363 more words


Hominy-Prairie Farmer Style

  The Union Agriculturist and Western Prairie Farmer first published in 1841 was written  for farmers with information from farmers living on western lands.  There are similarities and differences with the traditional nixtimalization process.  55 more words

Culinary History

Lincoln and Corn

  On this 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Lincoln, I am posting this picture of the program at Mercer Museum that was presented in a very cold log cabin President’s Day 2015.  87 more words

Culinary History

Currant Taert

   Another taert prepared with the receipt (recipe) for To make Dough for Taerten was To make a Currant Taert.  The Dutch receipt reads as translated by Peter Rose:  … 73 more words

Culinary History