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Chapter 22: No Cujo

It’s her day off, and she’s hovering around the hive like the Queen bee that she is.  Flying here, and landing there; reorganizing the living room, talking through her teeth, and using the my emergency snacks from Quinn’s bag.   357 more words


Musings #14: One-Liner Wednesday

Mr. Stephen The King, “Your freaky books have been creeping me out and giving me nightmares since 1983.    Thank you!  Oh, I also my daughter was born on  your birth day due to some fortuitous cosmic alignment, so even the Universe knows I’m a really big fan!” 9 more words


Friday the 13th

My dog tried to eat a child.  At least, that’s what everyone in the park thought when they heard a little boy screaming bloody murder today.  337 more words


A Letter to My Father

Dear Dad,

How are you? I haven’t spoken to you in a while. Well, not where you could hear it anyway. There was a time when I spoke out loud while I walked around your tiny house, in the rooms you painted and decorated, because I felt your presence so strong and tangible I could feel it. 765 more words

Favorite Screwball Dog? Asta?

Who is your favorite screwball comedy dog? Best canine sidekick in the genre? Well Asta of course. Star of the “Thin Man” series, “The Awful Truth”, “Bringing Up Baby”.   43 more words


Stephen King Book Connections

While reading “Different Seasons”, a compilation of four Stephen King novellas (“Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption”, “Apt Pupil”, “The Body” and “The Breathing Method”), I noticed the mention of the dog Cujo in “The Body”. 101 more words


White God (2014)

Kornél Mundruczó’s “White God” is a curious creature. Ostensibly, this is the tale of the fierce bond that binds the teenage Lili (played with impressive maturity by the elfin Zsófia Psotta) and her mongrel mutt Hagen (Luke and Body) together. 520 more words