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Prawns are from Mars, Hilsa are from Venus

There are a few things I love about men. The way they place their hand on the small of your back as they usher you forward. 1,154 more words


5 ways you can relish delicious food in Mumbai!

Mumbai, the most buzzing metro of India is also very diverse when it comes to food options. The city’s street food can be as delicious and relishing as it’s common man restaurants and class pubs, eat out joints. 837 more words

Trinidad Callaloo Recipe

Callaloo, is a popular and staple dish served throughout the Caribbean, brought to the West Indies by African slaves centuries ago. Its preparation differs from island to island with the main ingredient is always a leafy vegetable. 466 more words


❤️💕💜 happiness!

@ Caffe Reggio, home of the original cappuccino — and the first caffe in Greenwich Village! 😊


Tasty Desserts From Around The World (Fridays)

Hello everyone! It’s time for me to once again dive into the awesome world of food. I highly recommend that you grab yourself a snack, because things are about to get sweet! 127 more words


Five Exceptional Indian Foods

The traditional Indian food has been globally cherished and appreciated for the excellent use of herbs and spices, along with the medley of so many interesting ingredients which reflect its regional and cultural diversity is why the Indian food outranks that of other country. 822 more words

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Salade de pomme de terre et mer

Hello mellows
Peuple de l’ordinateur
Je tiens à partager ce soir ma recette de salade de patates qu’il faut éviter de cuire trop longtemps ou de mélanger frénétiquement pour éviter l’effet purée car même si moi j’adore et que ça n’altère en rien le goût, les marmots eux, ne sont pas d’accord !!!! 454 more words