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Antique Citrine Cufflinks

Just a little unique Hipstrrr touch.

Friday - I'm in love

1. Cufflink by beWooden

2. Oyster Clutch by Gretchen

3. Clara – Artprint by youdesignme

4. wooden Ceiling Light


Mixing Vintage With Modern Style

The Vintage look is fast becoming something that every stylish person is going for, in today’s society of throw away fashion, clothing and accessories are not made to the highest standard’s like they used to be, but with vintage pieces this is what you get, about a 10 to 20 years ago certain pieces like silk scarfs and cufflinks would cost you about £40 to £50 you now can pick them up for as little as £5.00, the thought of wearing some thing that some one else owned really puts people off going vintage, this I agree with but I’m not on about clothing I’m on about accessories, but now and then I invest into a vintage pucker blazer if I like it, when I visit  different  country’s I always hit the back street chunk stores, on one of my last European trips I went to Tallinn, in Estonia,  we found many shops selling vintage pieces, in one shop I brought a vintage razor and four pairs of cufflinks it cost me just £20.00, my friend Peter picked up a vintage Finnish navy style pea coat, it was an amazing find he wears it with some Levi`s and looks very stylish,   Key to the vintage look is how you incorporate it in to your every day wardrobe, if you just wore vintage pieces it would probably look like you have just raided your granddad wardrobe,  so what you need to do first is think what vintage pieces would look great with your wardrobe. 338 more words



So since I was very young I have loved my Legos (yes they have been around THAT long!).  This year for Christmas, my dear wife got me a pair of Lego cufflinks which I need for a couple of my clerical shirts.   184 more words