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The Perfect Bull

I’ve been tardy with my posts and completely negligent with my Sunday Sessions exploits and that’s because recently, I found the perfect bull.

My bull’s cock is a modest 7 inches but thick enough to make me both simultaneously want to cross my legs and cream. 554 more words


Sorry I'm such a whore

My wife and I were sharing some intimate snuggles in bed last night. She had just finished helping me with a much-needed body-waxing (she hates it when I’ve got any body hair these days).  240 more words

Emasculating Nathan

One of the more devious joys I get from cuckolding Nathan, is emasculating him privately and in public. Nothing thrills me more than ordering him to wear my pink g-string under his jeans when we’re about to go out, and then slyly lifting his top to expose his sissy secret. 657 more words


Sometimes you just need a bit of vanilla

Do you remember the first time you had sex with someone and the lead up to it was a gradual slow burn? It’s tender, loving kisses and fingers lightly tracing over parts of your body. 848 more words


Sunday Session: Domenic & Julian

I didn’t have time to post a Sunday Session last weekend AND I was late this weekend, so I thought I’d make up for it by posting a special one tonight about the time I cucked Nathan with two guys at the same time. 1,147 more words


Shopping for bulls: Online vs Real World

One of my absolute favourite activities to do on weekends is hunting shopping for potential bulls. When I first started dating Nathan, I used bars/clubs to pick up most guys and it was shooting fish in a barrel of vodka and bourbon. 955 more words


The Denial Twist

Orgasm denial is something Nathan and I have experimented with in varying ways throughout our relationship. Part of what turns him on as a cuckold (and no, not all cuckolds do this) is not just watching me fuck other guys but being actively denied sex with myself. 1,043 more words