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The Denial Twist

Orgasm denial is something Nathan and I have experimented with in varying ways throughout our relationship. Part of what turns him on as a cuckold (and no, not all cuckolds do this) is not just watching me fuck other guys but being actively denied sex with myself. 1,043 more words


Sunday Session: Mark

The biggest and thickest cock I’ve ever had was Mark. Even now as I type this, I’m biting my bottom lip and feeling tingles as I remember him. 907 more words


On Perpetual Frustration & Denial

Perusing sites dedicated to male submission, I’ve noticed quite a few dedicated to Cuckoldry. It seems like this frustrated flavor of kink is becoming more popular, but this observation is purely anecdotal. 758 more words


The Ground Rules

Unlike any of my previous relationships, I found that being with Nathan meant a very upfront discussion of boundaries and what would cause a breach of trust. 874 more words


Sunday Session: Dave

So I’ve decided to create a series of Sunday Sessions posts, where I can share the details of my hottest hookups with you all, every Sunday. 1,147 more words


Do you know what a cuckold is?

I had just finished fucking Nathan after our first date (because that’s how I roll) when he asked me that question. I didn’t really care, but I hadn’t got off yet so I figured that if I humoured him and kept the conversation going, he’d be ready to go again. 907 more words


One Flew Over the Cuckold's Nest

(Originally posted March 12, 2014)

It was a request I had not had before. The Headmistress texted me: He has cuckolding fetish. Can you do it? 1,395 more words

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