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CU Choral Department

University of Colorado at Boulder’s choral department consists of some of the most talented singers and conductors dedicated to performing beautifully composed music – and that’s just what they did Tuesday, April 28th. 1,048 more words

Food & Friends: A Mini-Documentary

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been working on a 2-minute mini-documentary about my food culture and I decided to discuss the effect of travel and friendship on the way I view my meals. 33 more words


Looking Through a Bunch of Glass

I never do gear reviews, but I recently got the Sony RX100M3 and thought it was a great little camera, better than my iPhone, but not as good as my D800.   99 more words

Je Suis Charlie

When you hear the words “current event,” what do you think of? The recent massacre of the French cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo? Ebola? The climate crisis? 739 more words

Journalism Feeds The Soul

Although new to the job, talented journalist Jaelyn Kohl enjoys her time immensely writing for the organization and blog Bass Feeds The Soul. Established in Boulder, CO in January of 2014, Bass Feeds the Soul is a blog dedicated to all things EDM (electronic dance music) as well as hiring some of the brightest journalists with an ear for music and a knack for writing. 415 more words

Principles of Journalism

Good morning readers! (If there are any…)

I’m clearly not much of a blogger, and this blog was designed as an assignment for a journalism class I’m currently enrolled in at the University of Colorado at Boulder! 54 more words


This is what my first post would look like in theory.