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Sphere and Cube

A sphere of radius and a cube of edge length have the same total surface area. Find in terms of .
Source: NCMT Mathematics Teacher, February 2006… 12 more words

Problem Solving

Roast Cherry tomatoes

I was walking minding my own business then I ended up at the fruit and veg’s market…

Saw a beautiful bowl of mixed coloured cherry tomatoes… I couldn’t resist though I had yet no idea about what I was going to do with them. 203 more words

Main Meals

Squares that can be transformed into a cube if one digit is increased by 1

Paul found:

39204 = 198^2
39304 = 34^3

39204000000 = 198000^2
39304000000 = 3400^3

98831640625 = 314375^2… 45 more words

Number Puzzles

Buckwheat cubes with sour cream

How many times did you already use buckwheat in a dessert? It can be really nice! :) This buckwheat cubes with sour cream are a simple and healthy treat that you can make guilty free when you get a craving for something sweet. 456 more words

T As Tasty

Fish balls

During the summer, Becky got a cache of fish bones – fresh Northwest salmon that had been filleted but not totally stripped of the good stuff. 268 more words