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Peace is possible

Today is a day to make space for the deepest joy to spring from within the depths of the self. When we find the balance between the truth of our heart and the wisdom of our belly, we are likely to be honest and have integrity. 100 more words

Skin Care

Guess What?

No, it’s not chicken-butt…Can anyone figure out what these pictures are of? ;)


It has been a year.

Time to get back at it. I need a release. I don’t want to put all of my life out there for Facebook or Twitter. 262 more words

Saturnian slapdowns

Whatever tiredness I felt yesterday has passed.  The remnants of the release of the full moon I think as today I woke up and whilst not leaping out of bed slapping my hands together after a short while I did feel refreshed.  427 more words

Spiritual Work

Sacred Sanctuary Space

My friend, Dawn, who sells crystals in North Cyprus, brought back a rare, new stone from her recent trip to Istanbul.  It’s called Zultanite, I’ve been wearing it over my thymus centre and found it has encouraged focus, creativity, calmness, spiritual centring and self-care. 286 more words

Flame Attunements.

During any attunement you might be gifted with the anchoring of a flame energy in one of your 7 main chakras, as per the Indian chakra system. 866 more words


Be eager to embrace life

Today is a day to find the compassion in the process of seeing our self, so as to develop more self-acceptance. When looking in the mirror at the end of the day to cleanse and moisturize your skin how do you perceive yourself? 60 more words

Skin Care