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New Crystals

My newly acquired crystals are gorgeous! The chrysacholla reminds me of Gaia. I am going to clear them in a big container of natural sea salt followed by 528 hz vibrations using my solfeggio tuning forks. 11 more words


Rocks rock!

Confession: I love rocks.

I always have. When I was a girl, I collected rocks in shoe boxes which I shoved under my bed. Full disclosure: I also did this with salamanders. 187 more words

Good Grief

The Beauty of Amethyst

Purple Amethyst is known for it’s stunningly beautiful aesthetic and its legendary powers to stimulate, soothe, and calm the mind. This lovely crystal can be found in all different parts of the world, and it is highly regarded for what it carries. 75 more words


Crystal Haul

I went to one of the BSSK mind, body, spirit fairs on Saturday and, amongst other things, I picked up some lovely new crystals.  I’ve written before about… 344 more words


Crystals - From non-believer to 'Wow!' in an instant

Until recently, belief in crystals was a bit extreme for me. These beautiful shiny rocks were just pretty stones and nothing more. Still, while bumping my way through the crowds at a local town fate, I stopped at the stall of a lady selling crystals. 389 more words


Lift Yourself Up with Celestine

Feeling as if you need to lift your spirits? If so, Celestite otherwise known as Celestine, is the perfect healing crystal for your needs. With its soft blue colors and gentle vibrations, the Celestine will build up your emotional state to calm and soothe you. 82 more words