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How I cleanse my crystals

Happy Sunday lovely beings.

So I’ve been getting a few messages, asking how I cleanse my crystals.

There are actually many different ways that this can be done, including placing the crystals in a flowing natural river/sea, burying them, placing them in salt/rice. 550 more words

Gregg Prescott, M.S. - The Amazing Power Of Quartz Crystals - in5d.com - 2-26-15


by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.com

Quartz crystal is one of the most powerful gemstones on the planet and is ideal for healing, chakra clearing, enhancing psychic abilities, emotional clearing, meditation, astral projection, lucid dreaming, dream enhancement and opening the 3rd eye. 1,427 more words


Meditation Tips

If you would like to experience a deeper meditation experience, try  preparing for your meditation experience. The following tips below will help you prepare for your meditation. 347 more words


Valentines Day Special

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Seeing healing energy work for you, naturally

I made a video on using limes to see how healing energy works for you. spirituality and healing you may think well what does that have to do with other stuff like this? 589 more words



Reposted from our friend Mineralogy on Google+: Vanadinite is a lead chlorovanadate characterized by red to red-orange hexagonal crystals. It is a secondary mineral found in the oxidized zone of lead deposits resulting from the alteration of vanadiferous sulfides and silicates. 59 more words


Crystal Properties

Crystals are powerful healers. They vibrate at certain frequencies and when placed in your field or on specific chakras will initiate healing. They are friends who want to help us heal and will remain in your possession until they have helped you to heal an area of your life. 425 more words