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Rylai - Crystal Maiden

 Just a fan art of Rylai from DOTA though the hand was really perfectly imperfect :)

Yeeah I tried to put color on it but I just have 6 kinds of coloring pencil, I dont have all the colors so I just used black instead of blue for her hood and cape. 34 more words

A Modern Legend- Page Fifty-nine

“Which one of you has the crystal” the wizard Mannick asked before anyone else had a chance to speak.

Cerys held up her hand meekly, and then showed him the small velvet pouch. 162 more words


A Modern Legend- Page Fifty-seven

Once the herald stepped aside, a woman stepped into the room, as tall as she was dignified, her steps slow and graceful. The wizard followed suit, though his gait was much more practical, with his staff tapping on the stones of the floor as he walked. 421 more words


A Modern Legend- Page Fifty-five

Bayani sat back and crossed his arms over his chest. “So we have to take this magical item to the king and have him activate the images? 362 more words