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Introducing Sparky and George Productions...

Another meeting, another wonderful meal! This time Anna made home cooked chicken curry, om nom nom!! This meeting consisted of preping for our next interviews with two of my work colleagues asking them questions relating to play, and discussing next steps – such as planning workshops for children, teens, young adults and working professionals. 414 more words

The Crystal Maze at 25

Just about the best show ever made.

When the bigwigs at Chatsworth Television reckoned that their magnificent Treasure Hunt had run its course and pulled it in 1989, Channel 4 were left with a vacant slot in the heart of the Thursday night schedule. 3,036 more words


Have you ever wanted to take part in Crystal Maze?

………Then you need to try out a live escape game packed with a variety of puzzles.

The story behind the Escape Land adventure is that scientists have developed the technology for time travel. 365 more words

Treasure Hunts

The Dying of the Light

Twenty years ago today, I was grappling with a truly ferocious hangover, as the night before, I’d finished filming The Crystal Maze then I’d enthusiastically joined in the uproarious celebrations at the wrap party. 108 more words

Dead Poets

Grabbing Golden Tickets for Charity

    “If you’re in the luckiest one per cent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 per cent.” 416 more words


As Above So Below - 8/10.

Five attractive and intelligent people encounter a really hardcore zone on the Crystal Maze.

The cynical part of me wants to point out the MANY flaws inherent in As Above So Below. 169 more words

Rated 8-10


The past week has largely been about the neatly alliterative bureaucracy and ballroom. Of all the things I imagined doing in China, lying half-naked and flat on my back getting an ultrasound wasn’t one of them, but it was thanks to Chinese adminstrative hoop jumping that it happened. 494 more words

Beirut Bloopers