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My new ‪#‎Auralite23‬ baby, I got at Love of Ganesha in San Fransisco today ! This stone is similar to the Super Seven, or melody stone, containing a unique mixture of different minerals and heavy vibrations. 23 more words

Healing Crystals

Gem Hunting!

Gem huntin’ on the streets of Berkeley and found this amazing #Quartz queen with green #tourmaline

Healing Crystals

Citrine Quartz

Rusty Nail babies! (‪#‎Tangerine‬#Quartz) helps to enhance one’s strength to continue to things they want and need. This crystal also increases‪#‎evolution‬ of the Self.

Healing Crystals

Shungite Force Field

If you don’t know about Shungite yet, READ THIS ARTICLE! Shungite is an amazing blessing from Gaia to help protect us from all the radiation, microwaves and other harmful waves in our environment. 18 more words

Healing Crystals

Emerald for Imbalanced Crystal Lovers

If you are drawn to Emerald or feeling imbalanced, read below!

Once in a while you find yourself doubting the security of your love life but know that by practicing compassion you are bound to succeed in an unconditional romance. 229 more words

Crystal Healing

Right now, breathing

I have no other way of describing myself right now other than, “damn I feel good.”  It comes in waves, my up and downs and right now I am so up, that the potential crash from this high may leave brain matter when I splat to the ground.   347 more words


New Crystals

My newly acquired crystals are gorgeous! The chrysacholla reminds me of Gaia. I am going to clear them in a big container of natural sea salt followed by 528 hz vibrations using my solfeggio tuning forks. 11 more words