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Soul Lover Teraphim ... and Humanity's Evolution to the Next Level

I’d like to share something I recently learnt about, regarding Soul Lover Teraphim.

A way for humanity to evolve to the next level.

What are Soul Lover Teraphim ? 209 more words


Blue Apatite: Crystal of the Week!

Blue apatite shares with us the mantra, “I imagine it, I think it, I speak it, I do it…. I did it!” This stone is an excellent tool in  summoning our creative and intellectual potential, clarifying inspiration of service and community, and translating these ideas into tangible action. 129 more words

Crystal Magic

Red carpet fashion sparking color meaning during 2015 Oscars

I woke up today to an inbox full of spirit guided requests to talk about the 2015 Oscars.


What more can I say? Every person that attended the red carpet affair wore elegantly radiant gowns, suits and flaunted their finest layers of the sacred aura. 141 more words


Trying To Give Up The Funk

I got three words for you.  Seasonal Affective Disorder.  The farther away from the equator we live, the more likely we are to suffer from SAD.   1,198 more words

+ take a trip to Hello Yellow in Almonte

Hey! So big things happening this Saturday in Almonte. It’s the fifth annual Mid-Winter Milling, a day where psychics and spiritual workers come together and set up in various shops on Mill street for the day. 198 more words


The Ultimate Holistic Weight Loss Guide

This guide is for the remedies and tools you can use for holistic weight loss as well as wellbeing during your weight loss journey. It is not a diet and exercise guide and you will obviously still need to make the right nutritional choices. 900 more words



I usually walk along the road in the morning, but as I’ve gotten more oriented to the land, I sometimes walk out toward the hills or into the scrub. 614 more words