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Energy Cleanse ✿ Kona Rock & Mineral

Blue Kyanite

Purple & Blue Drusy + Angel Aura Quartz

For complete chakra alignment, aura cleansing & tranquility.

Kona Rock &mineral

Supporting Our Voice (or Throat Chakra)

Speaking our truth, having a voice, and using it to communicate freely are very important to our well being.  Our throat is where our 5th chakra is found, although this chakra also affects our neck, thyroid, and parathyroid glands, jaw, mouth, and tongue.  673 more words

How to Clear Your Crystals: Smudging ✿ Kona Rock & Mineral

Use white sage to cleanse & clear you crystals, especially those that cannot be cleaned with water like selenite, or will fade in the sun over time like smoky quartz. 61 more words

Kona Rock &mineral

Ex Pagan Crystal Healer still loves nature - Samantha Grayson.

Samantha Grayson wrote her Ex Pagan – Crystal Healer testimony for my blog recently, see link. Her love and appreciation for nature have only deepened… 304 more words


Crystal Basis

All crystal are minerals but not all minerals are crystals. A crystal is formed when atoms or molecules join together in a natural design dictated by their atomic structure. 233 more words




Tourmaline is trust,
simple and straight:
trust of tomorrow,
trust in your fate.

I will be there
when you need me most,
guiding you in times of stress… 384 more words

Crystal Healing