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Plasma Scorpion Amoeba

It’s not a joke, and it really is strange. A little funny yes, but quite baffling.

Cryptic, Strange, Or Inexplicable

It's a Bear Bearing an Ark!

From the sky and with some fun tweaks , I got a budding rose, an ark born by what clearly appears to be a fuzzy bear, and later intricate fractal harmonic code that produces a winged mask and a hanged man. Weord.

Personal Consciousness

Tic-tac-toe puzzle watch uses Ternary number system

Design submitted by Galen from Bulgaria.

Galen says:  There are many designs of watches that use binary numeral system to represent time. I wanted to use a different numeral system which looks cryptic and in the same time needs less calculation then binary. 330 more words

Design Submissions

MassivelyOP confirms: Cryptic cuts 14% of it's workforce, STO remains relatively unscathed

From MassivelyOP:

Massively OP has been contacted by a Cryptic employee — who wishes to remain anonymous and whose identity we have confirmed — about the… 347 more words

Empty Queues

Eschaton (A Story)

Untenable darkness left its wake on the impudent sky. Leaving behind my thoughts of dawn, I strolled aimlessly through the path barely visible by moonlight. I felt the wind guide my steps, as if whispering by the chorus of soft rhythmic breath.

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