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Why and When

Emotions running high

Questions weighing me down

Comparisons left and right

Where is this really going?


Running in circles, round and round

It was never been this tiring… 37 more words


James Hoff - Operation Olympic Games

James Hoff,  sound artist based in Brooklyn, just released his new work ‘ Operation Olympic Game’ commissioned by Deutschlandradio Kultur.

We found this release excellent. … 111 more words


Being cryptic

Telling people that you have a secret is an invitation to tell that secret. Likewise, being guarded, closed, and unhelpful shows, rightly or wrongly, that you are disinterested in the conversation, or, worse still, you are hiding something. 123 more words

Why paddle board?

You look in the mirror and say..”How hard could it be?”

In the last two months you have shed more than 25 pounds. You stomach is actually flat and there is now a bounce in your step. 90 more words


When the goings get weird..the Weird turn pro

So what if your life had just turned into a country western song and you realized this in Moab, Utah while you were in a store surrounded by cowboy boots and stetson hats? 93 more words