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Just me and the blue Heron

Bob away my blues

When I awoke this morning I realized I had successfully navigated another trip around the sun. Given that two close friends had just gotten an odd wake up call from mother nature as to how grand but frail our voyage can be, I decided to take my sister’s advice by remaining in the moment. 1,366 more words


I Love You

A year ago, tonight,
Running from the storms
I felt the first energy, the first sparks,
So overwhelming,
A release, a new beginning, a change, 96 more words

and that is when I first saw the bear...

Knees bent and back straight

I must confess..that it was not too long ago..that I was humping towards the the ninth hole and the fairways were dried up and acting like like concrete slabs at the world worse parking lot. 1,128 more words


NaCl [Sodium Chloride, or 'Table Salt']

Why join a team when ultimately its the same thing?

 Quoting: Caylus Ark

Because all life works on choices…

And you chose life… as you said.

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Chaos Magick


I’d scarcely noticed being out at sea till
the ship arching along the tidal heave whipped back
wooden eyes of the prow blind as ghost winds steer…

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Cultural Consciousness