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Zayn Leaving One Direction

I’m sorry guys, I haven’t updated yet, but 25 March 2015 I watched Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry perform in Indonesia and at 23.04 pm Zayn confirmed that he leave One Direction for his own good reasons. 260 more words


Just Call Me Becca.

This is for everyone who is just tuning into my page, or even just for those who happened to be wondering. My name is Rebecca Smith, but my full name makes me cringe, so please.. 126 more words

Second Post. About Today

I just needed to fast forward today. Just for a bit.  I went out today. I needed to get out. Of course the first song that came on was the one that reminds me of you. 891 more words


Here's A Supercut Of One Direction Fans Crying Into Their Webcams Over Zayn Malik Leaving

In case you are not abreast of crucial world affairs, Zayn Malik has left One Direction. Most of their teenage fans are beyond words so we’ll sum up their feelings for you in two: I can’t. 106 more words

Web Culture

Green eyes just don't cut it for a screaming toddler

Someone better get this boy some contacts, because clearly brown eyes are the only acceptable color on the playground.


The Sadness

I don’t know if you have all heard, but Zayn Malik has finally decided to leave One Direction. (I’m really trying not to cry here.) 82 more words


"While I'm Standing Here", Dallas Holm

A Lightbearer has a burning desire to lead others to the Good King and to His Truth. So many people are crying and dying for want of eternal life that the Lightbearer doesn’t hesitate to tell them what is written in the Holy Word. 20 more words