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A Cry for Compassion

She calls 4 AM
She is right across the hall
She feels like puke

Roger James Pickler



Do not tell me to ‘get over it’if you’ve never been in my shoes. Do you honestly think that ‘taking a walk’or ‘focusing on the good’ is going to suddenly make everything hurt less? 247 more words


Every Woman is Beautiful

Dedicated To Cathy H.

A little boy asked his mother, ” Why are you crying?” “Because I’m a woman”, she told him. ” I don’t understand”, he said. 311 more words

Moral Reads

He Would Still Love Me

If I went to my knees before him

Promising to obey his every command.

Or wrote this beautiful prose

But nothing went as planned.

If suddenly the wind rose up… 124 more words


I Lost The Key To Happiness

I’m feeling worse than ever. And when I say that I don’t mean, worse than I have in the last 6 months. I mean ever. Worse than when my first boyfriend cheated on me, ignored me for a week and then eventually dumped me. 111 more words

Life Problems

One week ago today

One week ago today, my dog died.

The girl I grew up with, who taught me about understanding and responsibility. The girl who showed me how much a dog can mean to you, and how good a furry hug feels. 160 more words


I can’t remember the last time I said the words “good-bye.” I much prefer the words, “See you later”, or “See you at _____”, or even “Bye”. 304 more words