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'Life' a dramatic word so often used

Life has been offering me some twists and turns lately, so me from doing what I want to do. Making me feel a bit angry, now it is teaching me to be patient, accept help as I know now I need it. 142 more words



Cry it out,
Sing a song,
Laugh out loud,
Mess things up,
Break a glass or two,
Maybe even a plate would do,
Write it down, 10 more words

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"Cry" by Carlton (Premiere)

Tomorrow, pop funksters Carlton will drop an EP entitled S. Recorded in studios and bedrooms over the past year and a half, the collection is a diverse spread of rock, punk, and R&B but always undermined by soul. 23 more words


Early Morning Whimperings

Is this where the word “mewling” comes from? My phone conversations wherein i beg for understanding and ca$h from the only souls foolish enough to pick up their telephone receivers? 23 more words

laugh. cry.

Once I start laughing, I will laugh uncontrollably and I will then continue to laugh at almost anything. I remember my mom always said, “Don’t laugh too hard ‘coz later at night, you’ll cry hard too.” 10 more words


The Terrible Twos Have Arrived

My baby is officially a toddler.

Ok, Fine. Maybe he’s been a toddler for a while now. Supposedly once they start walking they’re a “toddler,” but I was still referring to him as the “baby.” 622 more words


Lyre 1

Higher notes would say it’s preposterous
Only the meek and the weak falls
Fervor and Ardor
Does who can stand alone and be loved can do so…

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