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I just avoided eye contact (because it was cold out and I wish we were more than “hi/bye” friends! hes actually cool. )with this guy who is my major “college crush” but I’d never ever ever date him. 188 more words

20 Year Old

Missed Connections: Checked In

He was not paying attention. He was too harried to think things through and now he’s mentally kicking himself for the millionth time, looking around the crowded airport and not being able to find what he’d hoped to. 1,488 more words


Who me? Dapper???

The incredibly wonderful and dynamic and beautiful actress and teacher of improv (also straight and married) called me dapper tonight when I showed up for the last improv class. 33 more words


See you

Even though we barely speak, I think I gain the same thing every single time I see you.

Its Called: My Life

My Quarter Life Crisis (and what there can be done about it!)

So i realised that I don’t know what I want to do with my life. Not which city to live in, not who to be with, not what field I want to work in. 481 more words


How to know if you're crushing way too hard

Having a crush on someone is harmless, but when infatuation becomes OBSESSION, we have to draw the line.

Crushing on someone way too hard makes things a lot more difficult for you to move on. 387 more words