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How Much Of A Boy-Crazed Tween Were You?

Take a trip down memory lane with these 90s hotties of TV and film. WARNING: Crank up the fan before starting.
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Tinder. Does anyone really know how to use it?

As a single, twenty-something living in a city where only 26% of the 20-35 year old population is single, I have developed an interesting relationship with Tinder. 1,130 more words


High School Drama Queen

So hi, I do not know why exactly i chose to make this blog, and it will probably turn out as a blog where a teenage girl vents about her high school struggles and heart breaks and so on, but that’s gonna help me I guess. 508 more words




It is 2AM and I am 21 and a handful of weeks old. I am lying in bed with my boyfriend at the time, a sad and dour young gentleman who proclaimed on the regular his love for me and his deep desire for marriage and a “forever” relationship. 3,054 more words

Obligatory crushes...

It’s devastating… Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction!!!!!

How could he??!!!!

Lil Princess is devastated!

In her 7 year old world, they were the be all and end all of, well, everything! 474 more words



Solange Knowles is mostly referred to by many as Beyonce’s little sister. I however refer to her as a fashion genius. Every outfit I have seen her wear is impeccable. 220 more words


The Journal

I have a colorful journal. In it are the words that I have written down, releasing the feelings i have towards this one guy.

This is part one in a series chronicling these feeling to my readers and friends. 432 more words