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It has been a while since I have written about my health. Unfortunately, to quote my oncologist at my last scan results meeting, “…the news is not good.” 1,045 more words

Travel Supremes

Not 100% sober thoughts.

I wish that you had moments in the day where you’re wondering how I am. And that you sit there, contemplating, whether you should send a picture my way just to make sure I don’t forget your face. 122 more words


How do we know if we deserve to be happy?

I haven’t been happy lately. I try to be positive and look at the bright side, but I don’t find any most of the times. 32 more words

15 again

The Aussie is back!

Last night my friends and I discovered our new favorite activity: reading guys profiles on Farmers Only. Yesterday we found a 50 year old gentleman who was leaving the website because he found his “beautiful cowgirl” and he pretty much made an Oscar worthy acceptance speech encouraging every one to not give up because the one is out there and thanking Farmers for the opportunity to meet all those amazing ladies that somehow changed his life. 244 more words

Rambling Thoughts


But how can one be so fond of a person they barely know?

It baffles, and yet is the current predicament.

Tunnel vision, with a destination seemingly feasible, but reach is in question. 146 more words


It's not you, it really is me.

I’m mad at you. Quite upset, actually.

But maybe it’s not you I’m upset with.
When I really think about what’s making me upset, it’s my fault. 253 more words



Tumblr is home to super depressed teenagers that gather together behind their computer screens to write deep meaningful shit that everyone can relate too and call it #edgy, unrealistic body expectations, and my favourite thing of course, a lot of porn. 80 more words