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God’s “Otherness”

Saturday, Mar. 28

“God is Holy.” We normally think of holiness as being sinless—absolute purity. God surely is that. But holiness has another facet that may be even more pertinent. 194 more words


How Much Am I Worth?

Friday, Mar. 27

“Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”— Pam Lotz. This statement is loaded with issues that call for clarification. 254 more words


New Page Alert!

Style and Vodka! It’s my new blog just about men’s health and style and trends and things and such. First post happens tomorrow. Can’t wait!!!


Enjoying God

Thursday, Mar. 26

“If you enjoy someone, you get the joy; they get the glory.”—John Piper. This statement deserves some meditation. Enjoying someone is relative. We often do not enjoy being with a particular person. 247 more words



We were talking about facial hair and then this guy told me this weird fucking story about his dad and his dog/boyfriend…. I love it.

Badge of Honor

Wednesday, Mar. 25

“. . . I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.” Gal. 6:17. I find it interesting that Paul does not say that he bears the marks of suffering for Christ (although he did suffer for Christ, and mentions it in other places). 237 more words


Fence Straddling

Tuesday, Mar. 24

“We’re more interested in social security than eternal security.”—Tom Thieme. This is not just a cute saying; it’s a crucial mind set that pervades and dominates one’s whole life. 232 more words