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To cruise or not to cruise

Despite its attractions, tourism isn’t a big money spinner in Mayotte, with just over 50,000 visitors a year. A good half of those come out to see relatives working here; pleasure tourism, with close to 12,000, is progressing but remains small.  191 more words


Cruise ship medical care

Cruise ships continue to fine-tune their emergency medical services, reports IHS Maritime’s Kathy A Smith

All medical facilities aboard Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships are similarly constructed and use the same technologies and equipment to give passengers continuity of care. 99 more words


A Haiku on "On the Way"

It’s Haiku Fridays, People!

These colorful doors
on the way to the beaches
What lies behind them?

(In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge on On the Way)


Sunday Recommendations - Get out and enjoy some water

I didn’t post last Sunday because I was out having some fun with one of my sisters. We were on the west coast (the best coast, if you ask her) and took the opportunity to go for an afternoon cruise on the Corrib River. 173 more words


Lessons of the Beardslees

Paddling in a double kayak is about rhythm, matching your stroke to your partners. The rise and fall in perfect synchrony: dip, push, pull, lift, switch. 1,110 more words


Bon Voyage

Over the past few months, I have been absent from my regular WordPress activity. I thought I would offer an explanation so followers didn’t think something was wrong with me. 153 more words


Man pushes Wife to save himself from a sinking Cruise Ship...

A teacher was tutoring a class of students when she relayed a story about a cruise ship capsized while at sea, and on the ship was a couple that managed to make their way to a lifeboat but realized there was only space for one. 523 more words

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