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Like ice; she melted away
Like air; she blew off from my way
Like the prodigal son; she left me to my fate
Like a ghost; I saw her this night again… 94 more words


It hurts to see someone you love be negative. To torture themselves over the smallest of mistakes.

To dwell on the bad things instead of focusing on the good, the great. 77 more words


“Get me some pepper. I will make Boy Soup. I like a lot of pepper in Boy Soup. “

NEW EDITIONS, Hansel and Gretel, 2004

Every day Gretel gives Hansel food but he doesn’t eat a lot. He doesn’t want the witch to eat him. But the witch wants to eat Hansel.

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The witch says, “Be quiet! Go and get some milk and biscuits for your brother. He must be fat. I’m going to eat him.”

NEW EDITIONS, Hansel and Gretel, 2004

The witch takes Hansel and puts him in a cage.

NEW EDITIONS, Hansel and Gretel, 2004