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You flutter in the wind
Like broken kite
The wind lashes you
Thrashes you
And takes you along
How cruelly it drags you
How it forgets all the courtesies… 57 more words


Cruel hearts, hands, hopes.

It is not that we have lost our love. Merely, we have discovered, afresh, the fear of losing all we know we might one day have never had. 216 more words


Last journey.
What if I’m not ready to move on?


This is just so wrong, so cruel.

Amanda Lollar debarked all of her dogs, inhumane, cruel, unnecessary, shows she hates animals

We worked to get the cat declaw ban. Now we’re working on the dog debark ban in New York. It’s already illegal in Massachusetts, New Jersey and a city in Rhode Island. 274 more words

Maid Of Orleans

The Maid of Orleans

Burned at the hands of the English

Twenty-five years, removed

And she was hailed as a martyr


Give little reprieve in their wake… 18 more words

Dicky J Loweman