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Memaloose Island

Crow feather, crow feather
fly me away.
Sing me your spell now,
caw, caw, caw.

Show me your birdcoin,
your berries, your gold.
What does the sun tell you… 42 more words


Algernon Ravensmith #2 ~ Biothermals

“I have decided that biothermal is my favourite word.”

A sigh.  Then, “Why?”

“Why not?  Banish Why from your vocabulary, Tertius,” Algernon Ravensmith advised, with his habitual optimism.  688 more words

Insufficient Funds

She bites like cranberry juice, like an oyster,
a potato peeler scraping all the skin off
in tandem with the seasons. Too much in
summer, too much in winter, too little in… 224 more words


Black Night

Like a Crow, I am Black.

Glorious in the night 

I scowl at light.

The one that blinds your eyes.

And because of my dark flight

I am Black and Night


A Morther of Crowis

Colbost House (my home in north west Skye, is ruled by a murder of hooded crows.

These rare, beautiful but beastly birds have a system of sentries posted in each of the tall ash trees dotted around the enclosure. 58 more words


Video: This English Bay crow will not be denied his slice of pepperoni

A Vancouver crow took a break from dive-bombing the city’s citizens this weekend to make an appearance in an inspiring YouTube video.

The video, titled Crow vs. 130 more words