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crossing lines

Easy breathing
In and out, in and out…
Heart racing
Strong and fast
Mind blank…
Without thought

Breathless, speechless, fearless
Caught in the moment between… 202 more words

When your blog falls into the wrong hands

In my last post, dated an embarrassing 5 months ago, I declared myself NATZ, THE AMAZING FAT FIGHTER. True story. Then I disappeared. What happened? You know like when you’re singing in the shower, and you’re going full ChakaKhan-Mariah-Aretha-LaBelle-Aguilera-Bey? 1,097 more words


Dropping The F-Bomb...Part II

Some people just don’t deserve to be forgiven. Plain and simple. You can only mess up so many times…you can only hurt me so many times until enough is enough! 508 more words

Trolls, the Virtual Monsters

A few years ago, during the golden age of Minecraft, I was playing on this factions server. As the name would suggest, every person either creates or joins a group of players that will compete against other factions. 692 more words


Bryan. Year Two. Part One.

After that day in the car nothing changed. I broke my own rule by not making the first move, but I was convinced that it was mutual. 757 more words


The Line is Crossed from Both Sides

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”-Abraham Lincoln

Ancient Rome was one of the… 706 more words

Deep Discussions

People can get very brave in emails, dangerously so. More than once, I’ve received an email and after reading it, remarked calmly, but with absolute conviction to the screen, “ 9 more words

Short Thoughts